[UKOLN] Follett Lecture Series

Organised by UKOLN on behalf of JISC

5 March 1996

Information, Librarians and Learning: The Challenges Ahead

Miriam Drake, Georgia Institute of Technology

We are at the beginning of a transformation in the way people study, learn and acquire information. Technology, new ways of teaching and learning, distance education ande the mind sets of younger people are among the forces driving change in education, industry and libraries. Academic disciplines are becoming both more fragmented and specialised and more interdisciplinary. Funders' demands for greater accountability and productivity coupled with other forces is producing a state of chaos in universities and libraries.

Changes in the publishing industry, use of Internet, technohype, and the need for human experts in information, are also key elements for the future.

This lecture will explore elements contributing to this chaos, new contexts for libraries likely to emerge and changes in the roles, responsibilities and activities of librarians.

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