UKOLN New Library: The People's Network
Briefing Pack

This briefing pack was developed for use as a training tool for informing public library staff across the country about the New Library: The People's Network report. All material was prepared by Sally Criddle and Sarah Ormes on behalf of UKOLN, The Library Association and EARL.

We are grateful to the Library and Information Commission for permission to use material from New Library: The People's Network in the preparation of this briefing pack.

The Briefing Pack

The Library Association sent the briefing pack to every library authority in the UK in April 1998. The pack contained a Powerpoint presentation (including speaker's notes), a background briefing text, five worksheets to be used in discussion seminars, a leaflet providing an introduction to the Web and instructions on how to use the pack. All these materials can be downloaded from this page.

Powerpoint Presentation

Briefing Text



Introduction to the Web

Web Links

The Web Links that are required to answer the questions in the 'Introduction of the Web' document can be found here.