UKOLN New Library: The People's Network
Briefing Pack


This presentation provides a summary of the report New Library: The People’s Network. The report was commissioned from the Library and Information Commission by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It was researched and produced by a specially convened working group chaired by Matthew Evans (Chair of the Library and Information Commission). The printed edition of the report is available from the Library and Information Commission, 2 Sheraton Street, London, W1V 4BH for the price of £25. The full text of the report is also available on the World Wide Web at:

Contents of pack

1)Overhead slides

2)Speaker’s notes

3)Briefing text


5)Introduction to the Web

6)Computer disk

Delivering the presentation

Overhead slides

23 PowerPoint slides have been provided. These will need to be photocopied onto acetate. (Alternatively, the PowerPoint presentation has been provided on disk.)

The presentation has been designed to be flexible. The full presentation may take up to 45–60 mins to deliver (depending on the presenter) but a shorter version may be given by omitting some of the optional slides.

Speaker’s notes

The speaker’s notes are intended for use as a guide. Instructions for the presenter are given throughout the speaker’s notes in italics. Suggestions are made as to where optional slides may be omitted from the presentation if a shorter version is required.

Briefing text

A briefing text has been included to provide background and greater information about the report.


The worksheets cover five of the areas of service outlined in New Library: The People’s Network. They are intended to be used as an aid to conducting discussion groups and workshops exploring the implications of the report on your library service and staff.

Introduction to the Web

This sheet of questions has been designed to introduce people to the World Wide Web. It should be used in conjunction with the website available at:


Visiting these selected websites gives an overview of some of the quality resources available on the Web and also demonstrates the local and international nature of information available.

Computer disk

A PowerPoint file of the presentation has been included on the enclosed disk. The presentation has been made available in PowerPoint 97 and PowerPoint 4.0.


All the materials used in this pack are available on the web at:



This presentation has been developed by UKOLN and the Library Association with the assistance of EARL.

We are grateful to the Library and Information Commission for permission to use material from New Library: The People’s Network in the preparation of this material.