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Briefing Pack

Introduction to the Web

The aim of these questions is to give you an idea of the variety of information that can be found on the Internet. You will need to print out this page and use it with the website that is available at URL: You can answer the questions in any order. The answers aren’t important. Gaining experience of the Web is!

General interest sites

NASA Homepage

What was the size of the eruptions on Io recently photographed by NASA's Galileo spacecraft?

New Scientist Planet Science

What is the feature in the New Scientist magazine this week?


Using the SPORT 97 calendar can you find out where the 19997 crochet World Championships were held?

UK Travel Guide

Using the London Guide can you find out how much it costs to get into Madam Tussaud's?

CIA World Factbook

How many people live in Brazil?

BBC Online

What is on BBC1 today?

All Movie Guide

What is the name of the actor who played Sam in Casablanca?

CNN Interactive

What are CNN's top stories?

UK Newspapers on the Internet

What is on the front page of the Electronic Telegraph?

Sydney Morning Herald

What is the headline of yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald?

Lancashire Regional Newspapers

Using the archives of the 'Lancashire Region Newspapers' site, find out where Bath is ranked in the University of Strathclyde's survey of quality of life.

The National Curriculum

How many subjects make up the National Curriculum

The ALA parent's guide to the Internet

What is netiquette?

The Virtual Kitchen

Can you find any recipes for swordfish steaks?

An English Country Garden

In which county is Mandy Alford's English Country Garden?

The Virtual Garden

What size blossoms can Tulipa Fosteriana produce?

All Music Guide

In what year were the Beatles formed?

Local and national government information

Local Government Websites of 1996

Who won the local government website of the year in 1996 and in what languages is the site available?

Suffolk County Council

What committees is Councillor C McGregor a member of?

Bristol City Council

How well does Bristol City Council perform it's refuse collection services?

Local Government Association

Who is the chief executive of the LGA?

Local Government Websites by Council

How many pages are there in the Devon County Council website?

Official Seattle City Information

Who is the Mayor of Seattle?

Official San Francisco Information

Does the San Francisco Public Library have an Internet policy?

Government Information Service

Which minister at the Department of Trade and Industry recently gave a speech entitled 'Enhanced business links - a vision for the 21st century'?

British Monarchy website

When are the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace open to the public?

Houses of Parliament

Using Hansard, search for Don Foster's speeches

UK Police Sites

Who is Chief Constable of the Wiltshire Constabulary?

Citizens Charter's Available on the Internet

What does a victim of crime have the right to expect under the 'Victims Charter'?

Regulatory Bodies on the Internet

How do you make a complaint to OFWAT?

Homework resources

State of the Environment Report

What was the population density in England and Wales in 1993?

The Official Project Galileo World Wide Web Site

How many (known) moons does Jupiter have?

The Mineral Gallery

What is the chemical formula of ruby?


What is Brownian motion?

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

How old must you be to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh's?

The Times Good University Guide

Where is the University of Bath ranked in the 1997 Universities League Table?

Study skills

What are the 6 steps to researching and writing a paper?


Who is the Prime Minister of Greenland?

The Noble Prize Internet Archive

When did the Dalai Lama win the Nobel Peace Prize?

World War 1 Archive

Name a song sung by German soldiers during WW1?

The Victorian Web

Who were Queen Victoria's parents and who did she inherit the throne from?

History of Photography

Who is the patron of the Royal Photographic Society?

Shakespeare homepage

Find a Shakespearean quote containing the word 'web'.

Jane Austen information page

When was Pride and Prejudice first published?

Antarctic information for school children

What is the lowest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

Family history


Newcastle City Library has census returns for which years?

Cambridge Library Service

What was advertised on the side of Cherry Hinton's (Cambridgeshire) post office in 1910?

Leeds Library Service Local History Photographic Collection

What animals are in the middle picture on the wall of the Leeds School Board - Infants Class in the early 1900s?

Kansas City Library

What is the major strength of Kansas City's Library's genealogy collection?

Northern Ireland Record Office

What wills does the Northern Ireland Record Office hold?

UK Public Record Office

How much does the UK Record Office charge for doing a search of the 'British Royal Navy: Ratings Service Records, 1853 1892' on your behalf?

Cheshire Record Office

According to his will, what was the occupation of Timothy Ormes when he died in Chester in 1747?

The National Archives of Ireland

For what crime as Anthony Dempsey transported from Ireland to Australia in 1848?

Archives of Australia

What passenger lists does the Australian Archives hold?

The Church of the Latter-Day Saints

How do you find out where the nearest Mormon family history centre is?

UK Society

of Genealogists

How much is the annual subscription fee for belonging to the Society of Genealogists?

Iowa Genealogy Society

What do you have to prove in order to get a pioneer certificate from the Iowa Genealogy Society?

Pier 21

How many years is it since Barbara Campbell arrived as a war bride at Pier 21?

Vietnam Casualties

How old was Albert B Washington when he died in the Vietnam War and where was he from?

World Telephone Directories

Can you find a namesake's phone number and address in America, Canada and Australia?