JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 3 November 2004

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Phase 1 WP1: Project management WP2: Model/Use WP3: Tools WP4: m2m WP5: Validation WP6: Policy WP7: Evaluation

Present: Dave Beckett (ILRT), Simon Price (ILRT), Nikki Rogers (ILRT), Pete Johnston (UKOLN), (for latter part of meeting) Oliver Greening (ESYS)

Apologies: Rachel Heery (UKOLN)

Purpose of meeting

To progress technical specifications and development work.

1. Matters arising from notes of last meeting (2004-08-09)

WP1: Consortium agreement has been finalised; ESYS contracted for evaluation work; interim report provided to JISC.

WP2: interim models for DCAP and LOMAP, interim functional requirements finished. Still require further input on machine uses of IEMSR: Adrian Stevenson (JORUM) and Martin Morrey (intrallect) invited to workshop.

WP3: see below

WP4: limited progress. need to prioritise in December.

WP6: limited progress. need to prioritise in December/January.

DB (with either NR, PJ or RH?) will present the project's work to a meeting of the JISC Development Team in Bristol on Wednesday 8 December. PJ to confirm attendance with JISC (Alan Robiette).

PJ to arrange date for post-workshop debrief technical meeting in early December.

PJ to arrange date for full project meeting (including contributing partners) in late December or early January.

2. Tools Development

Dave outlined the development plan for the registry server and the authoring tool. Simon is working on the authoring tool to support both the DCAP and LOMAP models for the workshop. For the short term, Dave is modifying the MEG/CORES server to support the new models. This will be the setup for the workshop. N.B. this will not include authentication etc; may not include schema metadata.

PJ to provide RDFS for IEMSR vocabulary, some DCAP data (based on CORES/MEG data).

DB providing LOMAP/LOM data (extracting from Word/PDF docs).

In the medium term, Nikki will develop a revised server and Dave will modify the client to interact with the new server.

Discussion of authoring interface for LOMAP: browse of LOM tree more appropriate than free search? Suggestion of exposing tree-structure based on canned searches, allowing user to select nodes.

SP to forward client to Pete by 17/18 Nov?

PJ to provide examples of LOM Classification as special case.

3. Workshop Planning

The workshop will be on Tuesday 23 November at the University of Bristol Computer Centre.

Pete had sent out 14 invitations, but had received only four confirmations.

PJ to forward list of invitees to Oliver.

Proposed outline programme:

DB to arrange coffee/tea etc.

PJ to develop outline exercises etc, forward to Nikki for advice on structured feedback questions, matching to use cases etc.

4. Evaluation issues

Discussion of

OG to attend workshop.

PJ to forward workshop materials to Oliver as developed.