JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 9 August 2004

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Phase 1 WP1: Project management WP2: Model/Use WP3: Tools WP4: m2m WP5: Validation WP6: Policy WP7: Evaluation

Present: Helen Hockx-yu (JISC), Simon Price (ILRT), Rachel Heery (UKOLN), Pete Johnston (UKOLN)

Apologies: Dave Beckett (ILRT)

Purpose of meeting

To progress technical specifications and development work.

1. WP 1 : Project management

RH to progress consortium agreement.
RH to link updated Gantt chart from project Web pages.
RH to finalise contract with ESYS to carry out evaluation work

SP to provide text for WP3 for interim report to JISC by 20040811

2. WP2: Modelling and Usability

PJ to make final amendment to Model for DC Application Profile (DCAP) (20040606)

PJ to make final amendments to Model for LOM Application Profile (LOMAP) (20040606)

Note after further discussion with users regarding requirements for extended data elements it has been decided these will not be included in Phase 1 development work.

PJ to prioritise final draft of Functional Requirements for the IE Metadata Schema Registry (20040606)

PJ/RH: More Usage Scenarios for the IE Metadata Schema Registry need to be developed, particularly for m2m usage. The document might contain a section on more speculative scenarios using functionality not available with current software. For example mapping between element sets; discipline specific registries; dialogues with other tools.

PJ to move Functions of the IE Metadata Schema Registry to final version.

3. WP3: Registry Tools Development

Simon reported on work to converting the MEG Client to SWT. Various features have been included: accessibility, re-sizing, single window display, some functionality moved to menus, less emphasis on drag and drop. Overall a 'Windows' look has been developed.

Some Help information will be required. Initially we will probably need; how to get started, why use IEMSR, overview of how to use IEMSR

Need to ensure Simon has effort available to repond to issues that arise as a result of Dave and Nikki's registry development work. In particular need to have some of Simon's time to ensure everything working before the workshop.

4. WP4: Demonstration of m2m usage

PJ/RH: need to identify collaborator(s), possibly contact RELOAD; Curriculum Online. We can progress this with support from ESYS.

5. Dissemination

After some discussion, we concluded that dissemination for the project would focus on the tools developed,also on bringing together DC and LOM in a single application. Dissemination needs to be planned for period after first release, after workshop, when we have something to demo, and more time.

Two target audiences identified:

Schema creators will be target of the November workshop; developers using LOM can be covered by dissemination within MEG and CETIS meetings; we need to identify opportunities to disseminate to developers within JISC IE, particularly services and tools using DC,

PJ presented IEMSR project to CETIS Metadata/Digital Repositories SIG, Liverpool, 30 June.

PJ/SP demoed IEMSR to JISC Joint Programmes Meeting, Brighton, 6/7 July. The project poster developed for the meeting by PJ won second prize, although no sign of the cheque as yet! (HH to chase up).

DB presented IEMSR to the ALT Labs Group SIG on 6 July

RH to identify dissemination opportunities at conferences/meetings next year, to include approach to CEN MMI-DC workshop. Also to consider opportunities to disseminate to other JISC projects.

HH to arrange for presentation to JISC IE team at internal monthly meeting.

6. Future meetings

7 September,Tuesday : project meeting for all partners - ILRT, Bristol
3 November, Wednesday: technical meeting for workshop preparation - (ILRT/UKOLN)
9 November, Tuesday: project meeting for all partners
23 November, Tuesday: IEMSR workshop - Bristol