JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 7 June 2004

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Present: Dave Beckett (ILRT) , Simon Price (ILRT), Rachel Heery (UKOLN), Pete Johnston (UKOLN)

Purpose of meeting

To review documents produced by PJ and SP; to agree next steps.

1.Model for DC Application Profile (DCAP) (20040606)

Agreed with minor changes (relationships with Schema Document)

PJ to edit DCAP document

2. Model for LOM Application Profile (LOMAP) (20040606)

Some discussion as to whether to include extended data elements in first release. Usefulness of including such extended data elements within application profile depends on whether instances are intended only for 'private use' within an application or for exchange between applications.

Looking at requirements for accessibility metadata as an example of extended element usage might be useful. Possible contact for this would be Andy Heath, Sheffield.

PJ to liaise further with users regarding requirements for extended data elements and provide additional attribute tables if required.

Changes re Schema Document apply to LOMAP also.

PJ to edit LOMAP document.

3. Functional Requirements for the IE Metadata Schema Registry (20040606)

Considered whether XML representation of hierarchy constraints best viewed as output of schema creation tool; decided best viewed as a service provided by registry.

Ability to import VDEX files, agreed this should be in second release.

PJ to complete document and circulate.

4. Converting the MEG Client to SWT

SP recommended replacing SWING with Eclipse SWT to better support different platforms (Windows/MAC/Linux)

SP to add "easy installation" to "Must have" list; to move "to be able to author LOMAP" to "Must have"list.

5. Consortium agreement

DB to send Jenny details of changes required to consortium agreement.

6. Dissemination

PJ to present to CETIS Metadata/Digital Repositories SIG, Liverpool, 30 June.

7. Future meetings

SP, PJ, RH to attend JISC Joint Programmes meeting, Brighton, 6/7 July. PJ, SP to do presentation/demo. RH, PJ to produce poster. Suggest we have informal meeting with Lorna (and Phil?) there.

RH to re-arrange meeting scheduled for 14 June to later date.