JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 13 May 2004

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Phase 1 WP1: Project management WP2: Model/Use WP3: Tools WP4: m2m WP5: Validation WP6: Policy WP7: Evaluation

Present: Dave Beckett (ILRT), Rachel Heery (UKOLN), Pete Johnston (UKOLN)

1. Usage Scenarios (20040512)

RH to validate usage scenarios with list of potential users as listed at http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/projects/iemsr/private/techmeet/20040116/

RH/PJ will liaise with Reload (Phil Beauvoir) as a potential m2m user, also useful to find out whether they use LOM extended data elements, and to see whether XML representation of data elements (so called XML LOMAP) would meet their needs

PJ to edit document to include:

LOM Scenario 1:

Metadata about schemas must be visible, needs to be integrated into tools. Add schemas explicitly as entity in DC and LOM data models.

LOM Scenario 2.1:

Add some text about requirement to represent LOMAP as an XML LOMAP

LOM Scenario 2

Draw up a metadata schema for describing LOMAP (e.g. status, audience, maintenance agency) to inform browse/search functionality require.

LOM Scenario 3:

Need to navigate from LOM data element to get to multiple usages.

LOM Scenario 5:

Note that Vocabulary Usages (vocabulary sub-sets needed in model and application in order to handle scenario 5, maybe this should be out of scope? or validated with users? Requirement to treat classification as a different element - need to expand narrative and validate with users.

Joining up LOMAPs and DCAPs:

Best solution seems to be to annotate any LOM data elements that can be used as properties within DCAP model.

2. Further Functional requirement documentation

PJ to produce Interim Functional Requirement document by May 24.

PJ to produce table of attributes for new entities in model by June 7.

3. Workshop

SP to draw up technical requirements for equipment required at workshop (probably November), to see if there is potential for locating PC's that can be configured in suitable way for workshop attendees to use the IEMSR tools.

RH to set date and inquire about possible venue at Bath.

SP to inquire about possible venue at Bristol.

4. Gantt chart

RH to update Gantt chart.

5. Consortium agreement

DB to send Jenny details of changes required to consortium agreement.

6. Future meetings

RH to confirm dates of future meetings

RH to arrange meeting to include Simon Price week beginning June 7

DB to invite Simon to attend JISC All Projects meeting July 6/7