JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 16 Jan 2004

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Phase 1 WP1: Project management WP2: Model/Use WP3: Tools WP4: m2m WP5: Validation WP6: Policy WP7: Evaluation

Present: Dave Beckett (ILRT), Rachel Heery (UKOLN), Pete Johnston (UKOLN)

1. Communications

RH to set up Jiscmail list. Done IEMSR@jiscmail.ac.uk

PJ to set up Web site. Done http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/projects/iemsr/

RH to arrange project meeting in February.

RH to announce project to lists.

Note: CETIS Metadata and Digital Repository Interoperability SIG meeting, Glasgow, 8 Mar 2004.

2. Evaluation

We need to identify external consultants who we would get to do formative evaluation mid-project, possibly connected with workshop. Discussion of possible names. Not sure if project identifies consultant or JISC.

RH to discuss with Helen Hockx (JISC).

3. Development environment

Development work will be carried out at ILRT on their own machines, demonstrator service will be installed at UKOLN. SourceForge will be used for storage of software.

4. Modelling and usability

Review current activity.

RH/PJ to talk to Andy Powell to confirm our interest in DCMI Abstract Model.

DB/PJ will pro-actively comment on the model - draft now available at http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/metadata/dcmi/abstract-model/.

PJ to contact Lorna Campbell and Mikael Nilsson re IEEE LOM work on RDF binding, and modelling.

Main question for IEEE LOM is 'what is an application profile?'. Is a LOM AP always a sub-set of the LOM standard? can it be a super-set? PJ will put together some examples as basis for discussion.

Need to identify 'users'. Initial brainstorm (supplemented by names suggested by Lorna subsequently)

Stakeholders a wider group to include: RDF community, SchemaWeb and other products, DC Registry list.

RH to ask Helen about liaison with JISC projects/services.

Gathering requirements:

RH to dig out feedback from MEG and CORES workshops and link to web site.

RH/PJ to schedule requirement gathering meetings over next 2 months.

5. Registry tools development

DB to organise recruitment of developer. Note software development to be phased in after requirements gathering.

6. Risk analysis

Need to include risk analysis in project plan.