JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Project Meeting, 31 Jan 2005

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ILRT: Dave Beckett,Nikki Rogers,

UKOLN: Rachel Heery

Becta: Peter Jackson


JISC: Leona Carpenter

UKOLN: Pete Johnston

CETIS: Lorna Campbell, Phil Barker

Purpose of meeting

1. Review actions from last project meeting

Outstanding actions not covered elsewhere in minutes:
Lorna: to investigate IPR issues as regards representation of LOM within the IEMSR registry
Leona: to re-arrange presentation of IEMSR to JISC development group in New Year (after the workshop).

2. Review of feedback on registry

Nikki reported back to the meeting on consultation between Nikki and Pete regarding the 'Review of IEMSR Presentation Service/Supplementary Functional Requirements' circulated previously.

Nikki and Pete prioritised the requirements identified by the Review, and the meeting confirmed that the main effort shold be concentrated on improved presentation of registry data to the user by introducing a 'tabbed view'. There was some discussion about proposed tabs, and what view of data particular tabs should present. The meeting concluded that we will need to get feedback from users on this. As expected, finding the best way to present complex data to multiple types of user will need some iterations. We should flag this area as one for exploring with the workshop scripts. We noted that ideally we would get usability experts in to carry out detailed study of users' interaction with registry using HCI observation techniques. In absence of that we will try to watch hard (observe!) during the workshop, and we will plan for usability testing in future work.

We agreed that interaction between the IEMSR and the IE Service Registry (IESR) is an interesting area, but to achieve longer term integration of the two services needs more mature use cases. We agreed that for the life of the project we would have to ask services to identify the APs they use on both registries (if indeed IESR stores this metadata). As a policy/guideline (WP6 see below) we need to encourage 'service agencies' in the longer term to assign URIs to the APs they use, particularly to ones they wish to share. If a service does not wish to assign a URI to an AP then the IEMSR will claim the right to assign a URI to each AP that is registered. (Note the policy/guidance needs to tie in to JISC policy on assigning identifiers). We need to highlight integration of shared services and persistent identifiers as areas for future work.

Nikki: to complete work on web interface to Registry by February 21st

Nikki/Pete: to synchronise terminology used in web interface to registry and authoring tool before workshop

3. Software development (WP3)

Development of authoring tool is progressing

Dave: to deliver client suitable for use for workshop by 18 February 2005:

4. Workshop planning

14 March 2005: hold workshop

RH: to ensure organisation on track and invite participants

PJ/NR: to draw up approx 20 tasks as 'scripts' for participants to work through

PJ/NR: to prepare brief intoductory presentations

(from previous project meeting: May be useful to draw up diagrammatic illustration of use of registry in an eLearning reference model (as is done wrt JISC IE).

RH: to prepare brief presentation on policy issues, future steps for project

5. Review progress on m2m demo (WP4)

Agreed to put this on hold til after the workshop

6. Review progress on other work packages

Case study (WP5) : agreed to meet up with Becta after workshop
Peter: to advise Rachel on appropriate Becta person and date for this meeting

Policy and guidance (WP6)
Way forward for guidance documentation will emerge from workshop, possibly based on scripts as 'example cases'
Rachel: to draw up some preliminary policies prior to workshop, particularly around persistence of APs input to pilot registry, and identifiers

7. IEMSR Evaluation (WP7)

Rachel: to contact Oliver

8. Dissemination

Rachel: to submit poster (extended abstract) to JCDL by Feb 10

Rachel(?) Dave (?): Agreed to submit poster (updated graphic plus abstract) to ECDL (by end April)

Rachel: to investigate poster at JISC conference (March 12)

Rachel: to contact JISC marketing/communication team for suggestions

All: to look out for other dissemination opportunities

Rachel has approached Open Forum on Registries (Berlin March 10-14) to make presentation but very ISO 11179 oriented so may not get a slot. Programme looks full.

9. AOB

Peter gave meeting background on Becta's plans to produce a 'toolbox' consisting of

There might be potential for Becta to collaborate with IEMSR on the vocabulary management tool, or for developers of Becta tool to collaborate with IEMSR. Becta may have a role in moving shared serice tools to production services

Rachel: to investigate Becta procurement process for tools like this.


10. Next meeting

Pre-workshop technical meeting: March 8, University of Bath, Library level 5 training room

Workshop: March 14, University of Bath, Library level 5 training room

Final project meeting: June 6 to be confirmed on the mailing list