JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Project Meeting, 23 Nov 2004

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ILRT: Dave Beckett, Simon Price, Nikki Rogers,

UKOLN: Pete Johnston, Rachel Heery

CETIS: Lorna Campbell, Phil Barker

Becta: Barry Kruger

JISC: Leona Carpenter

ESYS: Oliver Greening

Purpose of meeting

To review and evaluate development of registry and authoring tool

To review impact on project of re-scheduling workshop

1. Overview of objectives and review of data model

Pete gave an overview of the introductory session planned for workshop. Some discussion about separating out 'metadata vocabulary portal' from 'registry service'. May be useful to include diagrammatic illustration of use of registry in an eLearning reference model (as is done wrt JISC IE).

2. Demonstration of registry and report on authoring tool development

ALL: to review IEMSR registry tool and send feedback to iemsr@jiscmail.ac.uk

PJ: to collate feedback

3. Demonstration of m2m usage

PJ: to arrange meeting with Intrallect (Martin Morrey) and Becta/Knowledge Integration (Rob Tice) to explore requirements for m2m access to registry. Nikki to attend if possible.

4. Re-scheduling workshop

Agreed that final versions of both registry and authoring tools need to be available minimum of 3 weeks prior to workshop. Prior release is essential for workshop preparation, to enable preparation of scripts and evaluation questionnaires. It is critical that the workshop date does not slip a second time so we need to have a firm deadline.

DB: on 7 December to confirm re-arranged schedule:

18 February 2005: deliver client and registry to be used for workshop

14 March 2005: hold workshop

If possible date of workshop to be brought forward to allow Dave to attend.

5. IEMSR Evaluation

Oliver has suggested ideas for evaluation during workshop, in particular detailed scripts with evaluation questions integrated. Discussion of possibility of targeted questionnaire on day to be followed up with interviews by Oliver. Oliver advised we need to review engagement with the stakeholders listed in project plan.

PJ/NR: to explore potential for evaluation and to draw up scripts to encourage feedback

RH: to keep in contact with workshop invitees

RH: to contact Oliver on Monday 29 November to discuss re-scheduled evaluation.

6. IPR issues

Lorna to investigate IPR issues as regards representation of LOM within the IEMSR registry

7. AOB

RH: to update Leona regarding project slippage per WP

LeonaC: to re-arrange presentation of IEMSR to JISC development group in New Year.

8. DNM

Technical meeting 17 December 2004, 10 am, ILRT tbc

Project meeting 17 January 2005, 10.30 am UKOLN