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General introduction to the IEMSR

A metadata schema registry is potentially a useful tool in the development and maintenance of metadata schemas, APs and element sets. However, the technical language (and organisational culture) common in the metadata development world can be difficult to follow, and occasionally even a little alienating. Short briefing documents and introductory statements intended for a general audience can be found at the IEMSR introduction pages.

This page contains documentation for the various tools that make up the IEMSR suite of software applications and APIs.

Downloading the IEMSR tools (compiled)

The latest downloadable tools are available here, for several operating systems. These are ready compiled, installation files, whereas the source files below, will require compilation.

Downloading the IEMSR tools (not compiled)

Downloadable packages are available on the project's Sourceforge website:
<https://sourceforge.net/projects/schemas - the RDF Schema Creator and Metadata Registry>
These files will require compilation, however, the files above are compiled, installation files.

However, because the IEMSR is in active development and is changing very quickly, the downloadable packages for various components may be quite far out of date. If you wish to install a local copy of the registry web front-end, work on the client source or create your own registry endpoint, and prefer to live on the bleeding edge of technology (advisable in this instance, as older versions are missing a large number of features), you will probably want to check the current source out of Subversion. Note: in earlier years, IEMSR used CVS; it has now moved to the Subversion repository also available on Sourceforge.

Checking out project client code

svn co https://schemas.svn.sf.net/svnroot/schemas/trunk/iemsr-client/ local-target-directory

Checking out code for the Web frontend

svn co https://schemas.svn.sf.net/svnroot/schemas/trunk/iemsr-classic-web/ local-target-directory

Checking out the IEMSR endpoint

To be added to the SVN repository shortly.

A note on running this code: the classic Web frontend is a webapp written in Java, and can be run by deploying the web application directly from the WAR file that is generated by rebuilding the application. To build or recompile the application, you will require a copy of Apache Ant.

Using the IEMSR desktop schema creation tool

Online help documentation for the IEMSR desktop schema creation tool is available.

Introduction to the IEMSR web client

Online help documentation for the IEMSR 'classic' web browse tool is available here.

Using the IEMSR API

A brief introduction to the workings of the IEMSR SPARQL endpoint (API) is available at the introductory pages.

To get you started, some practical examples of using data from the SPARQL endpoint have been made available.