Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
Challenges at the University of Manchester arising from Project UNITY

Plenary Talk 3: "Challenges at the University of Manchester arising from Project UNITY"

This page provides details of the plenary talk on "Challenges at the University of Manchester arising from Project UNITY".

Challenges at the University of Manchester arising from Project UNITY
Professor Mark Clark, University of Manchester
The University of Manchester has just become the newest, (and largest single-site), higher education institution in the UK having been created from a merger premised on some substantive assertions with regard to establishing a research led world-class institution. The Web is the first experience that most applicants have of the university, and it promises to be the mechanism by which we will support the research, learning and administrative processes for the next decade, from 'cradle to grave'. The presentation will disclose the rationale for the merger and the plans made for the IT/IS infrastructures that will be developed to support the new vision (Manchester 2015). It will highlight the management issues concerning the development of brand image, interim environments, and the investments to gain real benefit from integrated environments to support the vision. It will ask the questions: Has Manchester taken a step too far in its IT/IS expectations? What is the future for the Web at Manchester? Can an integrated environment be delivered via the Web?
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the talk participants will:
  • Considered the Web as a strategic component of an institution vision
  • Considered the Web as a vehicle for business process reorganisation
  • Considered the requirements for a disaster recovery strategy
  • Considered the question of ownership and responsibilities
  • Considered the business case surrounding the Web and associated technologies
This talk took place from 09:00-09:45 on Thursday 7th July 2005.
Contact Details
Professor Mark Clark
Director of Information Systems
Manchester University
Kilburn Building
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL


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