Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
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Workshop Session B8: "JISC Service and Vendor Presentations"

This page provides details for the workshop session on "JISC Service and Vendor Presentations".

JISC Service and Vendor Presentations
We will be running a 'JISC Services and Vendor Slot' in which vendors of commercial software will give brief presentations of their products. In addition several JISC services will also participate and will describe the services they provide.
This session took place from 16:00-17:30 on Thursday 7th July 2005 in the Weston Lecture Theatre.
Length of Presentations:
Each of the speakers will talk for up to 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions.

Details Of Presentations

Nedstat, Ranjit Sidhu
What do you know about your Web site visitors? How do they find you? How do they navigate? Do they find the right route? Do they come back? Sitestat gives you a direct insight into your Web site that enables you to optimise your online communication. Sitestat is a service from Nedstat, European leader in Web site analytics. We aim to make Web site analytics straightforward and accessible. So, our products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access and the support we offer is personal and high quality. Nedstat employs 115 people in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.
TERMINALFOUR is a leading provider of highly functional Enterprise Content Management Systems, eForms & Self Service software and associated professional services. Our software enables organisations to improve the creation, flow and delivery of information through various channels including Web sites, personalised portals, intranets, extranets and utilising emerging technologies. The company has a strong presence within a wide variety of sectors including eGovernment, education, advertising, publishing, healthcare and finance.
Rather than giving a sales pitch, TERMINALFOUR, a sponsor of this year's event, will offer some insights into best practises and possible pitfalls to be aware of before, during and after installation of a CMS.
The Contensis content management system enables both technical and non-technical staff to edit, manage and publish web, intranet or extranet content with ease & flexibility.
RDN, Caroline Williams
Are your students and staff frustrated with trying to find the "good stuff" on the Web? The Resource Discovery Network (RDN) selects catalogues and delivers high-quality Internet resources for further and higher education as well as providing essential Internet training for students, educators and researchers. The RDN offers reliable quality assured Web sites (100,000 plus) i.e. the best of the Web, to specific subject communities, either directly through its Web sites or via its Z39.50 targets, RDN Include facility and its work on technical interoperability.

It is a collaborative network of over seventy educational and research institutions. As well as a central Web site (available at <>) it offers eight subject services, whose work is coordinated by the Executive based at MIMAS, the University of Manchester.

OSS Watch, Randy Metcalfe
OSS Watch is a JISC-funded advisory service that provides unbiased advice and guidance about free and open source software for UK further and higher education. What can OSS Watch do for you? Whether the subject is national policies, open source licences, software development methodologies, institutional IT strategies, or practical comparisons of open source versus proprietary solutions - OSS Watch can help.
JISC infoNet: Providing resources for use in planning and implementing information systems, Andrew Stewart
Whether you are a senior manager leading institutional strategy or you are working in the field of systems, processes or e-learning, JISC infoNet has resources that can help you improve the support for, and quality of, learning and teaching in your institution. As a JISC advisory service these are freely available to institutions and individuals in the UK further and higher education sectors, with our Web site forming the main access route to our services.
Your Place or Ours? ... On-site Training from Netskills, Chris Young
Netskills is part-funded by the JISC and has been providing high-quality training - to both individuals and whole organisations - since 1995. As well as delivering a programme of public workshops at venues across the UK, Netskills can also provide on-site training specifically for your organisation.
This session will introduce you to the wide range of training services, workshops and materials we can offer - covering a range of topics from web development skills & tools to technologies such as XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & ASP (as well as Information Skills, e-Learning, e-Assessment, Mobile Learning and online plagiarism detection and deterrence.....).

There will also be an opportunity to find out how we can customise our workshops for you and build flexible training programmes to meet your specific needs - this might include training needs analysis, nationally recognised BTEC accreditation for participants and licenced materials for cascade training.

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