Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
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Workshop Session B3: "Democratising the Web: The Revenge of The Non-techie"

This page provides details for the workshop session on "Democratising the Web: The Revenge of The Non-techie".

Democratising the Web: The Revenge of The Non-techie
Giles Couzin and Urfan Ali, University of Bristol
The Web has become a key medium in the way organisations communicate with their customers and how they are perceived by them. However providing quality Web content consistently in an organisation the size of a university is, to say the least, a challenging proposition. As the amount of information that is published on the Web and user expectations increase, the publishing process requires stricter control. At the same time the only way this process can be managed effectively is to enable content owners to become Web publishers.
Drawing on our experience at the University of Bristol over the past three years, this workshop session will explore ways of addressing this challenge.
The session will also include a live demonstration of the through-the-Web, Zope-based Web publishing solution we use at Bristol.
Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the session participants will have:
  • gained an understanding of the challenges of large scale Web publishing
  • explored a possible strategy to meet these challenges
  • developed an appreciation of a Web publishing system based on Zope as used at the University of Bristol through a live demonstration
Room Requirements:
Networked PC and data projector.
Conference Room 2 (capacity 30/60). See venue details.
This session took place from 16:00-17:30 on Thursday 7th July 2005.
Contact Details
Gilles Couzin
Information Services
University of Bristol
Computer Centre
8 Tyndall Avenue

Tel: +44 117 928 8326
Fax: +44 117 9291576
Email: Giles.Couzin AT
Urfan Ali
Public Relations Office
University of Bristol
Senate House
Tyndall Avenue

Tel: +44 117 331 7032
Fax: +44 117 929 2396
Email: urfan.ali AT


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