Institutional Web Management Workshop 2005: Whose Web Is It Anyway?
IWMW 2005: Exhibition And Poster Display

About The Exhibition And Poster Display


There will be an exhibition held during the workshop. As well as being open during coffee breaks and lunch times there will be an opportunity for browsing the exhibition and the accompanying poster display on the final morning of the workshop.

Please note that a flyer about the exhibition and poster display is available.

Poster Display

We invite workshop delegates to take part in a poster display. The poster display can provide an opportunity for delegates to describe examples of their work. Further information is available on the posters page.


The Exhibition and Poster Display will take place in Weston Room 2 and Weston Room 3.

Please note that a virtual tour of these rooms is available.


The following exhibitors will be available.

JISC Services

MIMAS is a national data centre, funded by JISC and ESRC and based at Manchester Computing at the University of Manchester.

We provide a wide range of electronic resources to staff and students in UK higher and further education. Meet our staff and find out about these services:

There will be information on the Resource Discovery Network (the RDN Executive is based at MIMAS), the Information Environment Service Registry (describing electronic resources available in the JISC Information Environment), JORUM (a free online repository of learning and teaching materials run jointly with EDINA) and other projects and development we are working on.

The MIMAS Web site is available at <>

Netskills is part-funded by the JISC and is the recognised JISC training advisory service and has been providing high-quality training - to both individuals and whole organisations - since 1995.

At the exhibition you will have the chance discover the full range of Netskills services including:

There will also be an opportunity to sample from some of our new range of training materials - and tell us what you would like to see us provide training on in the future!

Experienced Netskills staff will be available for you to discuss your own training needs (or those of the people you work with to provide your web services) and take you through the options we will have available for you to meet them.

Failing that there's always the free pens :-).

The Netskills Web site is available at <>

OSS Watch is a JISC-funded advisory service that provides unbiased advice and guidance about free and open source software for UK further and higher education. It is based within the Research Technologies Service at the University of Oxford.

At the exhibition you will discover a range of briefing materials on all aspects of open source software development and deployment, including:

and more.

Feel free to raise any questions you might have about free and open source software with the knowledgeable OSS Watch staff. And by all means try out some open source software yourself with the latest edition of

We look forward to seeing you at IWMW 2005.

The OSS Watch Web site is available at <>

JISC infoNet - Providing resources for use in planning and implementing information systems

Whether you are a senior manager leading institutional strategy or you are working in the field of systems, processes or e-learning, JISC infoNet can help you improve the support for, and quality of, learning and teaching in your institution. Our core materials are known as infoKits and cover key frameworks for use in planning and implementing processes and systems.

As a JISC advisory service these resources are freely available to institutions and individuals in the UK further and higher education sectors, with our website forming the main access route to our services.

At the exhibition you can find out more about our range of infoKits and associated resources by speaking to service staff, viewing the Kits online and picking up hardcopy infoKit 'overviews' to get you started.

To accompany the infoKits we run series of events in conjunction with the JISC Regional Support Centres and details of upcoming events can be also found on our Web site at <>

The HE Academy will be taking part in the exhibition.

The HE Academy Web site is available at <>

Commercial Vendors

Nedstat will be taking part in the exhibition.

What do you know about your Web site visitors? How do they find you? How do they navigate? Do they find the right route? Do they come back? Sitestat gives you a direct insight into your Web site that enables you to optimise your online communication. Sitestat is a service from Nedstat, European leader in Web site analytics. We aim to make Web site analytics straightforward and accessible. So, our products are easy to use, reports are clear and fast to access and the support we offer is personal and high quality. Nedstat employs 115 people in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

The Nedstat Web site is available at <>

TERMINALFOUR will be taking part in the exhibition.

TERMINALFOUR is a leading provider of highly functional Enterprise Content Management Systems, eForms & Self Service software and associated professional services. Our software enables organisations to improve the creation, flow and delivery of information through various channels including Web sites, personalised portals, intranets, extranets and utilising emerging technologies. The company has a strong presence within a wide variety of sectors including eGovernment, education, advertising, publishing, healthcare and finance.

The TERMINALFOUR Web site is available at <>

Contensis will be taking part in the exhibition.

The Contensis Web site is available at <>

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