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Plenary Talk 5: What Does Openness Mean to the Web Manager?

This page provides details of the plenary talk on "What Does Openness Mean to the Web Manager?".

What Does Openness Mean to the Web Manager?
Randy Metcalfe, OSS Watch and Brian Kelly, UKOLN
Openness appears to be all the rage: open standards for interoperability, open source for software development and deployment, and open content for sharing knowledge. What brings these phenomena together is a commitment to openness. But how do colleges and universities engage with openness? And more particularly, what does it mean for institutional Web managers.
Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the talk participants will:
  • Have gained an appreciation of the potential benefits of open source software, open standards and open content.
  • Have learnt about the relationships between these different aspectes of openness.
  • Be aware of some of the challenges institutions face in embracing openness
  • Have learnt about a user-focussed model which aims to maximise the bifefits of openness.
  • Be aware of the befenits for participants and their institutions in contributing to an openness culture.
14.00- 14.45, Thursday 15th June 2006.
Lecture Theatre 2, 8W building, University of Bath.
Contact Details
Randy Metcalfe
OSS Watch
University of Oxford
Web site:
Brian Kelly
University of Bath
Phone: 01225 383943
Web site:


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