Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
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Workshop Session A8: "Using Web Services to Support e-Learning"

This page provides details for the workshop session on "Using Web Services to Support e-Learning".

Using Web Services to Support e-Learning
Paul Trueman, Netskills
Web services technology provides the opportunity to integrate applications and business functionality in to existing Web-enabled VLEs. A Web service exposes business functionality by both consuming and producing data in XML format. Future online learning environments may be fully developed and maintained using a Web services infrastructure. Web services solutions as yet still need to reach their full potential; particularly in the academic sector. In this session Paul will demonstrate potential uses of web services to support e-Learning and present guidelines on how to consider making best use of this emerging technology.
Learning Objectives:
This session will:
  • Provide an insight in to the potential of Web Services for academic environments
  • Provide an overview of Web services technology
  • Allow participants to view a Web service in action and comment on how they make effective use of web services infrastructures within their academic organisation
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Room Requirements:
PC and data projector. PC Lab.
PC lab 5th Floor Library
Wednesday 14th June 16.15-17.45
Contact Details
Paul Trueman
University of Newcastle

Phone: x hcard