Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
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Workshop Session B1: "Making RSS work in your Institution"

This page provides details for the workshop session on "Making RSS work in your Institution".

Making RSS work in your Institution
Barry Cornelius, Computing Services, University of Oxford
In this workshop session, we explore how to make RSS work in your institution.
Recently, the University of Oxford has risen to this challenge: it has delivered a devolved institutional newsfeed system. This workshop session will discuss how this system was produced and will demonstrate how easy it is to produce news items and get them displayed on a Web page or delivered through RSS.
The session will look at:
  • how to deliver a devolved institutional newsfeed system;
  • the benefits to departments of doing this;
  • how to succeed in attracting customers to the newsfeed system;
  • some of the interesting issues when providing a newsfeed system;
    • authentication and authorisation;
    • support for multiple newsfeed formats;
    • support for utf-8;
    • support for aggregation and categories;
    • handling events and delivering iCalendar.
Participants will be able to explore these ideas during a hands-on session that uses the University of Oxford's newsfeed system.
Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session participants will:
  • have understood how newsfeeds fit into their institution;
  • have grasped how easy it is to build a newsfeed system;
  • be aware of some of the issues involved in delivering a newsfeed system;
  • have hands-on experience of producing news items, delivering RSS and producing news on a Web page;
  • be in a position to sell these ideas to their own institution.
The workshop materials are now available.
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Room Requirements:
PC and data projector. PC Lab.
PC lab 5th Floor Library
Thursday 15th June 16.15-17.45
Contact Details
Barry Cornelius

Phone: +44 1865 273267 hcard