Institutional Web Management Workshop 2006:
Quality Matters
Discussion Groups: Building Collaboration

About The Discussion Groups

Discussion group sessions will be held on Wednesday 14th June from 14:45-15:30 and on Friday 16th June from 09:45-10:30. The discussion groups will be randomly selected.

This year's discussion group topic is Building Collaboration. Half the discussion groups will be looking at building collaboration across institutions i.e. other departments and organisations within your institution and students, while the other half will be looking at building collaboration with peers i.e. the Web Management Community. In the first discussion group session you should identify the main challenges to attempts to build collaboration, you will then agree on the top three issues. These issues should then be addressed in the second discussion group session. In this session you should seek answers to the most important issues.

Each discussion group should choose a reporter who will give a brief report back on Friday 16th June in the session running from 11:45-12:30.

Note that a handout for the discussion groups will be available.

Details For The Discussion Groups

Details of the approximate numbers in each discussion group and the location of the discussions groups are given in the Discussion Session Allocation sheet.

These sheets will be provided in your packs.


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