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red ballDo a Book Review - Send Dr Livesey your review of Treasure Island.

red ball Quiz - See if you're up to answering Long John's pirate questions.

red ball Library Stuff - Find out what's available at your local library.

red ball Stories from the Web - a UK website for children and young people managed by Birmingham Libraries.

red ball A Teaching Unit for Treasure Island- Lots of good stuff here for school projects on Treasure Island.

red ball Winklers Salty Dog Inn - Discover articles on pirates that link to an interactive quiz and you might find the treasure!

red ballCaptain's Dave Treasure Hunt - Give Captain Dave's Treasure Hunt a whirl!

red ballEnglish to Pirate translator! - How would a pirate say it?

red ball Online pirate quiz! - Done all of that? Try this great quiz from the discovery channel.