big pic of Long John Silver

Long John Silver's Quiz

Arr! So, you think you know it all now do you?
Well, there's only one way to test if you're a true
pirate - answer Long John's dastardly questions
and find out how sea-worthy you really are!

P.S If you need to look up yer answers use the
back icon to return,or your answers will be lost
(i'll nick 'em while you're not looking).

Ship Questions

Who were the first to use the schooner? 

In what year did the warship Vasa sink? 

Who lead the mutiny on the HMS bounty? 

Pirate Questions

Apart from his beard, what else was the pirate Edward Teach (blackbeard) famous for? 

Where did buccaneers live? 

Blackbeard was the most feared of pirates, but who was the most sucessful? 

Treasure Island Questions

Whose treasure are they looking for? 

What is the name of the boat they sail to Treasure Island in? 

What job does ben Gunn get when he returns to England? 

What is the name of the inn that Jim's mother runs? 

The Author Questions

Which island did Robert Louis Stevenson die on? 

What's the name of the Museum in America which is dedicated to Stevenson? 

Which of these books did the author not write?