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Here's a reader from Latvia - ahoy there Inete!

Hi! I am from Latvia. I read Treasure Island becaus e we had pleasure reading at school, though I did not understand some words, because I learn English only a t schoool, I just loved it, esspecially charachters, they are very interesting. I liked Benjamin Gunn and his crave for cheese. Thanks! Bye!

Lereesa,aged 10 hasn't read the book yet, but she sounds like a fine actor!

I have never read the book Treasure Island, though I am going to buy the book soon.Recently at school we have done a play on Treasure Island at school. We got some pictures in the newspaper, the Bucks Herald! And guess which part I got? LONG JOHN SILVER! I was really pleased.I think the story is very good. It is so exciting.By the way, in case you are wondering how I keep my leg up it is all done with a piece of elastic ,in case you want to do it for a party trick!

Jamie liked the sense of suspense in the book.

I thought that Treasure Island was a really great book.  The way the author makes suspence throughout the book with small conflicts is a great way to keep the author reading, for example in the beginning of the book the main conflict is the pirate named Billy Bones and all his actions and friends.

Susanna sent this smashing review - it's brief but very positive. Well done Susanna!

It was brilliant. We read it in class and I loved every bit of it 10/10!!!!!!!1

Francesca has sent me this lovely review -I'm glad you enjoyed the fact that we accidentally hired pirates as our crew - personally I blame the Squire, he's a lovely man but sometimes lacks commonsense.

Treasure Island is one of my favourite stories. It is GREAT. My favourite part is when they get the crew that is all pirates and the goodies did not know. It is so action packed and fun i always like to read it. What makes me want to read it is that on every page, chapter and paragraph it is like a cliff hanger. What makes it even better is that I have got the cd rom which makes it even better, my brother even likes and he only normally likes facts book so it must be good.

This thoughtful review comes from Sam. Sam sounds like an exceptionally well mannered and clever child - just like me when I was a boy.

Me and my class 7W are doing Pirates for English. Here is my review of Treasure Island. I think Treasure Island is very witty and manages to keep an original storyline even today with so many books around. Occasionally the story is confusing but overall it is excellent.

A lovely review here from someone called Suzy. I'm not sure what one of these CD-ROM things are though - are they a new kind of book? Anyway good luck with your play and I'm sure it will be marvellous.

I have just finished reading Treasure Island for the second time and I think this book is great. It never gets boring, however many times I read it. I first found out about this book when my Grandad and Nanny bought me a CD-ROM of an abridged version of Treasure Island where there are four fun games to play; being: Broadside, Stockade Attack, Pirate Shootout and Mutiny. It has the words come up on the screen and pictures that are like a cartoon film only looks very realistic. When I saw the book in the shops, I bought it immediately. When I read it, I found part one a bit hard, but now I 'have read it again I understand it more. I still don't understand why at the beginning of the book it says that the captain was dragging his hand-barrow, but then it says there was a man carrying it for him. I can read it in six days from beginning to end. I liked all the characters, especially Jim and the Doctor. I don't have a favourite part of the book because it is all as good as the other parts. I am currently writing a playscript of Treasure Island and enjoying it. I have liked this book for most of my life since as I didn't find the book until last year and listened to the abridged version the rest of the time. I am also going to write a follow-up of the book. If I had to give it marks, I would give it 10/10!

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. In this review from Allie she says that she hates the book - it's quite ruined my Christmas - though no doubt a nice glass of port will go some way to helping me recover my good humour. 

I was trying to find a summary on Treasure Island and I stumbled on your site. I hate to tell you this, but I don't really like the book.  I am reading it in seventh grade honors class and the book to me is really complicated and hard to understand. It is also very gory. Although i must admit that you and Jim are my favorite characters.

A brief but useful review.

The name Treasure Island brings to thought a magnificint island  but no salt drenched pirates! A helpless group struggle for suvival. The description is amazing. A book not for the faint hearted!

A marvellous review from someone who goes about under the dubious name Black Dog - sounds suspiciously like a pirate to me.

Treasure Island, the greastest pirate story ever written. The title alone brings to mind a one legged man with a parrot on his should, salty pirates and buried treasure. Most people tend to view treasure  island as a juvenile story. this is mainly because of some of the movies tend to treat it that way. Many today tend to think of Long John Silver as a 'nice bad man'. according to the book, long john was first and formost a pirate. The only time he was nice was when things were in his favor. if someone got in his way, he would get rid of them. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote treasure island for his 12 year old step-son . Jim Hawkins is about 12 years old. By todays standards a boy 12 years old is still a child. But in the 1700's a lad 12 years old was moving on toward manhood. If people today would read the book before watching the movies they would see it in a differant light. Don't forget the movies, they are an important part of thr treasure island heritage. they give us a good visual image of the time period. They are all different and all have something to add to our understanding the story. All of the movies have a little " hollywood" in them but I think they all have something to offer. Reading the book opens up the world more than ever.

A fine and thorough review here from young Michael.

In the beginning Jim Hawkins was at a store where he worked for his mom and dad who were the owners of the store. One day a guy came and everyone called him "captain". About the next day a blind guy came in and gave captain the black spot witch symbolizes death. A few weeks later captain died. At that point in the book Jim Hawkins dad died and his mom and him knew things were getting weird. When captain died Jim and his mom took things out of his pockets and in his shirt. One thing they found was a map. They told a captain (not the one that died) what they found. In the middle a crew went sailing for the treasure on the map Jim got go but his mother didn't.  One day there was a barrel of apples and Jim wanted one so he went in the room where the apples were and fell in. While he was in the barrel the Long John Sliver the cook with no leg came in and started talking about going to shore and was going to do something on shore. On shore Jim snuck on shore when he wasn't supposed to. When he was looking at Long John Sliver who was on shore. He was talking to a guy then the guy started to walk towards the boat the boat when Long John Sliver garbed the nearest tree branch held and with the crutch leg he shoot a dagger through and hit the guy. That is about as far as I got.

Jim Hawkins I think has dirty blond hair pretty short, and skinny. I think on the out side Jim was brave and hard working but on the inside he was scared sometimes excited but I think he was mostly both "I never seen a better boy than that". Said Long John Sliver. My opinion was it was the middle of good and bad because it was exciting a lot but all so it got pretty boring when they talked so much and the words were hard to read.

My first review of the Millennium - who would have thought that I would get to be 117 years old - you've got a long way to go to catch up with me James!

My name is James I'm 5 years old.  I'm reading treasure island.  My favorite pirate is Israel Hands and Silver. I was born in Miami.

Ahem - how nice -  I hope you enjoy your Pirate Party.

My class and I have been reading "Treasure Island" for the past few weeks. We have not finished it yet but I really enjoy it. At the end of this semester we are going to have a "Pirate Party". It sounds really fun, huh (maybe not TO fun because of pirates but other than that)? My favorite charecter is you because of your kindness and generosity of  manners.

Here's a review from a very pleasant young person - make sure you finish the book B. Custer.

My name is B. Custer and we are reading "Treasure Island" at school. I am in the 4th grade.We are also learning about pirates, privateers, oceans, ocean animals, mapping and lots more. I really love your book.We have I belive 2 or 1 more part(s).I can't wait to see what happens.We are on the part where..........past Ben Gunn........... AH HA! We are on the part where Jim H. gets caught by Long John Silver and umm.....I can't said that you gave them the map and you are checking up on them every day (the pirates that is).Well I have to go.Bye!

Here's a review from a fine young person called B. Kaveney who I believe is from the Colonies.

We are reading Treasure Island in school this year. I am in the sixth grade. We are having alot of fun reading this book. I like this book because it is adventerous and we are making ships. My favorite character is Ben Gunn because he was marooned on the island for three years and he survived. We have two more parts to read and I can't wait to see what happens.

Captain Pasquine and Long John Aube have sent me their comments - I believe they might be pirates - the rascals!

Our class is reading Treasure Island in the sixth grade. We are having trouble deciding if its a classic or not! Most belive it is not a classic because a classic is supposed to endure through all times. Most kids do not like this book. But treasure Island also includes daring and risky and adventerous events.

Captain Red C. (another pirate I fear) has a few words to say.

I think treasure Island is one of the best books I ever read. I have three favourite characters. They are Jim Hawkin's, Ben Gunn and Long John Silver Including his parrot. I think Jim must have his own things to do site. I have the Disney movie Treasure Island and I read a bit from my moms book.

Another pirate! There are too many of these scoundrels about - but they have good taste in books.

My name is Captin Blod, and your book is the best i've read yet . The treachery reminds my of the good old days, but shiver me timbers that Hawkins boy is nosey.

Yet another pirate but one that recognises Ben's cleverness - as to my own bravery (ahem!) - it was nothing my dear Stut.

Dear Dr.Livesey,
I like treasure Island alot.You and Ben Gunn are my favorite charactors.It was very intresting,especialy when Ben Gunn acts like Captain Flints voice,and Doctor Livesey you have guts to actually be neer silver.I know that I would not like it one bit.Well I've got to go TELL EVERY BODY HIE.
One Of Your Pirates,
Stut the Silly Seadog

Someone else that recognises the good lad that Jim is - I forsee a promising future for the lad.

Dear Dr. Livesey
We just finished reading Treasure Island.I liked it alot.My favorite charactor was Jim because he ruined everything the pirates thought of, he was honest,and kept his wor with Long John Silver.My favorite part was when jim shot Israel Hands.
Your Friend,

Ibarra, be careful with that map - look what happened to Jim!

I think your book is really neat, i like all of the adventures in it.I would really like to see Long John silver's face when he see's that the treasure is'nt there anymore. That's one reason I like this book.I also like our projects that we made. I never thought I would read something so exciting. We made a map of Treasure Island including the ship. Anyway I really liked Treasure Island.

Sosa the Searcher for Spain sounds surprisingly sensible for a pirate!

We are reading Treasure Island for Reading class.I enjoyed the book because it was very exciting .It was like it took you to a different world back then in the old days. Well my favorite charecter was jim Hawkins he was young but helped and becme brave. My pirate name is Sosa the Searcher for Spain.I wish I could have been there bout can't so I guess I'll just imagine.Well bye.

Congratulations Hideous Homer on your marvellous test score.

"Hi" I am Hideous Homer I liked Treasure Island by the way I am in the 6th grade we got thew with Treasure Island and we toke a test I made an 84 .My favioret charectore was Ben Gunn when he toke all the treasure and toke it to his cave and then packed it up and toke it to the Hispaniola and sail back to the Bristol
your mate,
Hideous Homer

Hmmm - I think Ben Gunn got more than enough money as he frittered his share away. The man has less financial sense than a horse.

HI, my name is the Horrible,horefing holmes and we are a 6th grade class who has just finished raeding Treasure Iland .In this book I like this book because it's adventras, and it'so realistic. But most of all I like doctor Livsey ,Ben GUNN,and Jim Hawkins ,the best because they are the bravest and honest men aboard . and I think Ben Gunn shuold have gotten more money because he found it and put it in his cave and helped save or protect some of the honest men .but there was proply a way the men delt the money out .Well gt to run,see yea!!

Another sensible pirate - what is the world coming to!

I enjoyed this book and my class made a lot of prodjects such as a teasure map and a ship. My favorit part was when Jim took over the ship.
Your Freind
Jolly Johnson the Jewle of the sea

I must say that I fear Jim is going to get very big headed after all this praise.

I read Treasure Island in school these first couple of weeks. My favorite charactor is Jim Hawkins.He helped alot in the story.I liked this book because it was adventurous.

What a sensible teacher Mrs. Rodriguez sounds - I'd have her as part of my crew any time.

Dear Dr. Livesey
I just loved this story it was so exciting like when the pirates started to muniney, because it made you think "Is Jim Hawkins going to get shot".My favorite charector in this book is Jim Hawkins.Oh and my teacher Mrs. Rodriguez read this book to us.
Isy The Imp Of The Sea

Another fan of Jim!

Dear Dr.Livsey,
My name is Rambunctios Ravenger Rick.I like Treasure Island because of all the excitment.We are in the 6th grade and just got finished reading it. We really enjoyed it and I loved the way you ended each chapter, making you want to go on to the next and the next. My favorite character was Jim because he was the one who ruined their plans from the start and you may lay to that!
Your friend,

Gosh - your school work sounds almost as exciting as our adventures!

I enjoyed Treasure Island by Robert Loius Stevenson beacause of the wonderous action and events. Our class made ships and treasure maps to go with the story. We also made Jolly Rogers and put our pirate name we made ourselves on them.
Daring Demon Devin is writing you from Iraan, Texas; 6th grade.

Yet another Jim fan! He's going to be impossible to live with.

My name is Kennedy the Seafaring Kidd. We are making ships and maps for our 6th grade teacher. It was a very good book. I enjoyed it very much. You never knew what was coming up next.I liked the part were Jim cut the ropes and set the Hispaniola adrift. My favorite character was Jim Hopkins.

Hmmm - I'm afraid Whitney that I'll have to disagree about Long John Silver - the man is nothing but a rascal!

I liked this book because it had a lot of adventure and the chapters always ended at the right place. Our class read Treasure Island out loud and we made boats and treasure maps of Treasure Island. My favorite character in Treasure Island is Long John Silver because I like his attitude and the way he can be the nicest person in the world or the meanest.
Whitney the Wild Whippersnapper

Yes, even Ben has his clever moments! (but they don't happen very often).

Doctor Livesey,
I liked this book because it was adventurous and surprizing. My favorite part was when Ben Gunn scared the pirates.We made ships and maps to go along with the story. They were neat. We also made Jolly Rogers. My pirate name was Fearless Fighting Flores.
Your friend,

Not another fan of that rascal Long John Silver!

My name is Payden the Penney Picking Pirate.I liked Treasure Island.My favoriet chareter was Long John Silver.I liked him because he was good and bad.I also liked Treasure Island because it had alot of action.

Congratulations on your marvellous map Jim!

I like Treasure Island becaues it is a funny book. One of my favorite charictors are Jim Hawkins, Benn Gunn, and Long John Silver. We mad some ships and some maps that was fun and a kind of hard. I made a 8o on my map. I wish the treasure was still there so one day I could go get it on my own ship. I think Tresure Island is a good book.
Jim the Joking Jester

Another young reader from the Colonies I believe.

Hi my name is Veronica. I am from Iraan,Texas. I am in the sixth grade and my class just finished reading Treasure Island. I think that Treasure Island is a good and exciting book because you never know what is going to happen next. I liked the part where Jim was in the apple barrel and heard John Silver, Dick, and Israel Hands plan about the mutiny. I that Ben Gunn was the most interesting character because he was marooned and he found the treasure and took it to the cave.

Well I hope you liked Jim more than that good for nothing rascal Long John Silver!

Dear Dr. Livesey
I liked Treasure Island because of Long John Silver the villian of the Story . I like Jim Hawkins the hero of the story. Both had a big role in the story. At first thought it was go to be boring.
Ramon the Raved Raptor

Thank you Captain Rod for your kind words - I'm sure that you and your crew would have been much better than the no good crew that we ended up with.

Dear Dr. Livesey,
I was delighted to find your website. I wished I had found it while my class was reading TREASURE ISLAND. We've enjoyed doing your activities these past few days. We are a jolly bunch and enjoyed sailing with Long John and the pirate crew. We made maps, ship, and Jolly Rogers. Hope you continue this site next year!
Captain Rod the Ruthless Ravager

I'm glad that you liked the book Captain.

We did ships and treasure maps and a jolly rodger paper. I liked alot of people in the story. Here is some. Jim Hawikins, Redroof, Pew, Long John Silver, Captian Smollett, Mr. Trelaney, Israel Hands, Doctor Livsey and Billy Bones. I reallt loved the book. Well thats all for today.
From Captian Cowen the Crazy Buccaneer

Pew! Pew! How can you like the man? I still have nightmares about him. And what are these Muppet creatures?

Doctor Livesey,
Our class just finished Treasure Island, and I thought it was a wonderful book. My favorite caricters are Pew and Jim Hawkins. I inve Jim because he got to go on an atventure. I've seen the movie Muppet Treasure Island, and I guess thats why I like the blind man Pew. I hope i get to read more books like Treasure Island.
your loyal and unspoken of ship mate,
Fulton the Fighting Fellow

Nicole - what marvellous scores you got. I take my hat off to you.

Dear Doctor Livesey,
Hi mate! My 6th grade class in Iraan Jr. High has just got done with Treasure Island . We made ships, maps we even had two test I made a 100 and a 92 . My favorite person in the book was you and Jim . I like how your so smart and how you tricked Long John Silver.and Jim is so great asnd he got them all. Well I have to go now bye!!!!
Your mate

Kyle - you are making me blush!

Dear Dr,Liveasay
My favorite carwcters in Treasure Island are you and Jim Hawkins.The reason why I like you is because you save people and take care of them like when they get shoot that is very nice of you.The reson why i like Jim is because he is really nice.
Your friend
Kyle The Killing King

Arnold - no I didn't get the black spot - no rascal pirate would dare to give it to me!

Dear Dr. livesly,
My favorit carector in this book is Jim Hawkins. Allso the black spot was not good. Did you get the black spot? well I better go. Got to go get some rum! not!
Your friend,
Arnold the siley smily sea which

Clarissa, I very much enjoyed the look on Silver's face at that moment too!

Treasure Island was a very good book. My favorite part is when Silver and the other pirates find an empty hole where the treasure was supposed to be.Well I have to go because I havent finished my work, bye bye.
your friend,

Mcginnis, thank you for your fine comments.

Dear Dr. Livesay
I liked the story Treasure Island.I am also in the 6th grade.It was very fun reading it.We made ships and an old treasure favorite character is Jim.My favorite part in Treasure Island is when Jim Hawkins kills Isarel Hands.Got to go now I had fun reading it bye.
McGinnis The Marvelous Sea Dog

Marco, well good luck on your next test - I'm sure you'll do marvellously well.

The book of Treasure Island is really good although I made a 75 on it and got 9 points. But I guess I was'nt listening enough. So I guess thats my fault.The charcter I liked was Long John Silver. Well I have to go know bye.
Your Matey,
Marco Rodriguez

Another Doctor, delighted to meet you sir.

Dear Dr. Livesey,
My 6th grade class has just finished reading Treasure Island. We made ships and maps. My favorite character is Jim Hawkins. I like him because he is brave and honest. If he had not snuck away those two times the pirates probably would have won!
Dr. Rodriguez

Mayra - which movie was this then? I imagine I was played by someone like Cary Grant or Brad Pitt!

We just finished reading Treasure Island.It's a great story!I think that my favorite character was Long John Silver.He was very brave.I think that Ben Gunn was pretty neat also.We watched the movie,and my favorite part and Gunn looked,well,ugly,I'll put it that way.My favorite part was when Pew got killed.That was awesome.Well,I gotta go.See ya in your next adventure!!
Mayra the Mean Matey

Amy and Cassie, I agree with you wholeheartedly. You sound like very sensible young women.

Dear Dr Livesey,
I think that there should be less killings in the story Treasure Island and more friendship but it is still a very good novel for everyone to read.
Amy Gudsell and Cassie Crook
Year 5 K.C.P.S

Here's a message from a modern-day real life sailor! Marvellous! I was so excited when I got this message that I could hardly drink my morning cup of tea.

Hello, Doctor!
I just read Treasure Island for the first time, and I'm 26 years old! I've been in the navy for 3 years now, but all the fighting, the fun, the action, the spectacular pirates (Israel Hands being my favorite!) made me feel like I was in 6th grade again. You're a good shipmate, Dr. Livesey! I'd sail along side o' you anytime!
PO3 Jennifer Stillman

Well good luck on that test and I'm glad that we could be of some help.

Dear Dr. Livesly
The book I got at the library was really boring and hard to read. It was written in old english or something. I really was bored. Then my mom found a mderner version and that was fun to read. I really liked it and read it all in one night. I hope I pass the test. I using your notes to help me study. thanks a lot for your web site. I hope you do other books too. We got to read Tom Soyer next.
William McFalls, 5th grade, Ganns-Middle Valley

Crystal my dear, I'm so glad that you like the book and I blushed quite profusely when you said that I was your favourite character - you are too kind, too kind indeed.

My seventh grade class is reading treasure island this year. I like the book a lot - It is fun to read - my favorite character is Dr.Livesey. We are almost done but not there yet . I can't wait.
Crystal From FL

Thank you Janelle for your very thoughtful and intelligent comments.

Although Treasure Island is classically reffered to as a fantasy/action book, it displays political standpoints as well. I enjoyed reading it from that point of view, it was also action packed and a good thriller.

What a kind young man you are - though don't be taken in by that rogue Long John Silver - he may have a kind heart but he's got a villain's mind.

Treasure Island is the best book I have read yet.  The good kind hearted Long John Silver won my heart with his journey for lost gold.  Benn Gunn is my favorite character as well as you, for you both demonstrate intelligence and ingenuity.
Yours Truly,
Jutt BoyzU.C.Bljt

Does anyone know the answer's to this bright young man's questions?

Hi my name is Patrick and I am in the 4th grade. Our project is to read a classic childrens book and I picked Treasure Island. It was an exciting book to read and I learned on the internet that is was written after the author learned alot about pirates that really lived and that really buried real treasure. I am wondering about the map in the book that has three X's and one says that most of the treasure was buried there. Is it on an island like Bermuda or somewhere near the United States and has someone found it yet? I have to write a report on a scroll and I put a copy of the map on it. Does any body know of modern day pirates?

What a delightful message from a Miss Hannah who is in Miss Rooker's English Class

Hi Dr. Livesy. I am E-mailing you at lunch break. I have been reading the book bit by bit during English lessons. I think the book is very exciting and it covers a lot of the 'Piratey' points we are studying. Thank you for reading this. TREASURE ISLAND IS THE BEST BOOK!!!!!!!!!!

A very polite message from some charming young people who evidently do have intelligent minds.

We are students at Padgate C.E. Primary School, we feel your well written book should be meant for teenagers. So we believe, that you should write, a not so sophisticated approach to Treasure Island. P.S. However, our teacher likes to stretch us, for we have intelligent minds!

An anonymous review here - do make sure you let me know your name next time!

We thought Treasure Island was OK but was very hard to understand.    

Another anonymous review but it has lots of good points.

Treasure Island is a great book from a 13 year olds point of view. It was very hard to read at first, but once you get the "swing" of it, it is a lot easier. We read the whole novel in English class and our teacher was very good in explaining it to us.

I'm so glad that Ana enjoyed the book so much!

Treasure Island is the best book I have ever read. This book takes you to a completely new world of action and adventure and makes you feel like if you were part of the history. The best part of this history is when Jim Hawkins and his friends, fight Long John Silver and the other pirates.

 I really like this book and I recomend it to everybody!

Two thumbs up from this reviewer. Can't be bad!

I loved it. Treasure Island is now my favorite book. I picked this  book because of the title. I mean, Just the title alone brings a sense of  supense, salty pirates with parrots on their shoulders battling over a big  treasure in the misty sunsets night after day after night. Thats the exact   setting. Most people tend to view Treasure Island as a juvenile story. I can't  really figure out. I guess it's the amature pirate movies people have been  brainwashed with. It is so action packed and fun. It makes me want to read it  over and over again. It's a cliff hanger on every chapter, every page, every  paragraph. It's quite funny actually, when I was reading and I got to the  bottom of the page, I'd turn it as quickly as possible so I could see what  was next. Sometimes I would rip the page out because I fliped it so fast. At first Treasure Island was confusing and a little hard but once you  get used to the langugage it was really easy. Though I have to admit I was  reaching for the dictionary atleast every 5 pages. I sat there in admiration  while I read this book. It was just so amazingly and skillfully written. I give it two big thumps up!

I hope Justin enjoys the book as much as the film.

My name is Justin, I am 12 years old and I am reading Treasure Island for a 7th grade reading assignment.  I have to read books over the summer and this was the first book I chose from the list. My mom rented the 1950 Disney version of the movie and we just watched it.  It was very good.  It really looks like I'll enjoy reading the book.  I sometimes have problems remembering what I read so I thought it would be good to watch the movie first.  I liked Ben Gunn because he was smart enough to hide the treasure in his cave.  I thought it was funny when they were playing with all the coins and tossing them up in the air. Jim is a brave boy for his age.  I don't know if I could have done what he did.  He climbed up that mast like he had been doing it all his life. I can climb, but not up there in the air.  Scary.  My mom and I are going to both read the book as soon as it comes in the library. Thank you.