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Format of a use case

For information.

Use Case Name: Verb followed by a noun phrase
Use Case ID: Unique identifier containing the name of the project; 
use this as the name if submitting a word document
Authors: Who wrote the use case
Project: The project for which this use case has been written
Date: When the use case was written
Use Case Summary: A short description of the use case, one sentence or a very short paragraph 
Primary Actor (and goal)
Other Actors (and goals)
Stakeholders and Interests 
Main Success Scenario: A step-by-step description of the use case 
Extensions Less common than what happens in the basic course of events, but still
normal events and possible errors
Scenarios: Associated specific examples

Use case template

Submit use cases

You can e-mail this Document back to the Repositories Research Team Those with a DigiRep login can upload your file, placing a link in the following page:

People outside the Digital Repositories Programme who would like us to add or simply to link to their use cases, please email them to us.

[Submit You Use Case Directly Online] - this facility is in development

File names

Pleae assign each use case a unique file name, e.g. project_use_case_id

UML diagrams

Diagrams should either be incorporated into the word document, or sent separated. File names should indicate the use case with which the diagram is associated, e.g. project_use_case_id_uml

Some examples

Some sample use cases were provided for use during the UML training event in January:

Intrallect provided a use case example within the Use case and Scenarios training in November:

Submit scenarios

We are also gathering scenarios: Submit your Scenarios