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Format of a scenario

For information.

Scenario Name: Should say something about what action the user is trying to accomplish 
Scenario ID: Short form of project name plus arbitrary identification number 
Author: The person or people who wrote it 
Project: The project for which the scenario has been created
Date: When the scenario was created (Leave if submitting directly to us) 
Description: One or more paragraphs describing the who, what, when, where, and why of the
Other Related Information: Space for referring to additional information (optional)

Scenario template

Submit scenarios

You can e-mail this Document back to the Repositories Research Team Those with a DigiRep login can upload your file, placing a link in the following page:

People outside the Digital Repositories Programme who would like us to add or simply to link to their scenarios, please email them to us.

[Submit Scenario Online] - this facility is in development

File names

Pleae assign each scenario a unique file name, e.g. project_scenario_id


Submit a use case

We are also gathering use cases: Submit your Use Cases