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  • too detailed and it's purpose is not quite aligned with that of SWORD.


  • Similary the two JSR standards, one of which is very close to WebDav and the other is for more general file management.


  • work is at a different layer of abstraction to that needed by SWORD, and are being used by the SOURCE project who are also interested in working with the outputs of SWORD, layered beneath their use of the OSID. The OSID could be used to provide a SOAP binding.


  • appears to be no longer current.

SRW Update

  • geared towards modifying and updating metadata, rather than objects and does not offer a solution to the problem SWORD is aiming to solve.


Google Data API

  • an extended version of Atom and AtomPub for use in google applications. Seems to be more focussed on publishing web content rather than media resources; includes support for comments/reviews which might be useful; also appears to deal with versioning, which is interesting but out of scope for SWORD.

ATOM Publishing Protocol

  • Atom Publishing Protocol is of most use to this project. It's used widely on the web for publishing to blogs (a type of 'repository'), so in line with the semantic web and web 2.0 applications. Repositories increasingly want to align themselves with the Web architecture. It seems to support service description quite well and there are atom extensions for depositing files, e.g. images, which have already been extended to support other types of content. See SWORD APP evaluation.