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International repository activity


The Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST) ( have funded a range of projects , including:

  • FRODO (Federated Repositories of Digital Objects projects)
  • MERRI (Managed Environments for Research Repository Infrastructure)
The DART project has been funded by the Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training through to the end of 2006.
The DART project is focused on building infrastructure to support eResearch data repositories. It has a number of work packages, several around using Fedora and Storage Resource Broker (SRB).
The Arrow project is looking to build a repository infrastructure for Australia, and is touching on issues of metadata, identifiers, sustainability, federated search etc.
Notes from meeting 27/09/05 by Neil Jacobs (Microsoft Word).


  • Towards a European eInfrastructure for eScience digital repositories - Cordis FP6 Call (closed)


"A joint initiative of the Dutch universities to make all their research results digitally accessible". Includes:
DAREnet (
Dutch repositories cross-search.
Cream of Science (
Part of DAREnet - national showcase for leading Dutch science and research.


"DiVA, the Academic Archive Online (Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet in Swedish) is a collaborative effort of a number of universities in Scandinavia which offers both publishing services and technical solutions for local repositories".
"The SVEP project has aimed at promoting, coordinating and supporting electronic publishing at Swedish universities and university colleges. The project started in September 2003 and was finished in December 2005."
A national Norwegian project whose main task is the establishment of a national IR-search service.


"Publication and Citation of Scientific Primary Data (STD-DOI) is a project funded by the German Science Foundation. Its aim is to make primary scientific data citeable as publications. In this system, a data set would be attributed to its investigators as authors like it would be done for a work in the conventional scientific literature. Thus, scientific primary data should not exclusively understood as part of a scientific publication, but may have its own identity."
The DINI – the Deutsche Initiative für Netzwerkinformation (German Initiative for Networked Information) – repository certificate. Those with little or no German may prefer the document at: or, , or the RLG DigiNews article at:

United States

"The Digital Knowledge Center (DKC), working with the University of Virginia (UVA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and an extensive network of collaborators, will conduct an architecture and technology evaluation of repository software and services such as e-learning, e-publishing, and digital preservation. The result will be a set of best practices and recommendations that will inform the development of repositories, services, and appropriate interfaces. This project is funded by the Mellon Foundation."