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Some shortcuts

[alt-e] - to edit a page

[alt-s] - to save changes

[alt-p] - to preview changes

[alt-d] - to show the changes you made to the text

Editing toolbar

An editing toolbar appears whenever you edit a page, offering a quick way to add some formatting to your wiki text. Examples include:

button_bold.png '''bold''' bold
button_italic.png '''italic''' italic
button_link.png [[Links|internal link]] internal link
button_extlink.png [ external link] external link
button_headline.png ==Section heading==
(with facility to edit this section)

Section heading

button_sig.png --~~~~
(signature with timestamp)
--JulieAllinson 10:50, 10 November 2005 (GMT)

More help

Please see the MediaWiki User's Guide for usage and configuration help.