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This document defines a simple vocabulary for use with the dc:type property in the Scholarly Works Application Profile.

The vocabulary consists of the classes listed below.

Value URI Label Definition
http://purl.org/eprint/type/ScholarlyText Scholarly Text A scholarly text that is primarily words for reading. Where the text is one of the more specific types listed here, use the more specific term.
Book A non-serial publication that is complete in one volume or a designated finite number of volumes. In physical form, a book is a collection of sheets of paper, parchment or other material bound together along one edge within covers. Books are often identified with an ISBN.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/BookItem Book Item A defined chapter or section of a book, usually with a separate title or number.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/BookReview Book Review A review of a book.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/ConferenceItem Conference Item A contribution to a conference, workshop or other event. Where the contribution is a paper or poster, use Conference Paper or Conference Poster as appropriate.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/ConferencePaper Conference Paper A paper submitted and/or presented at a conference, workshop or other event.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/ConferencePoster Conference Poster A poster submitted and/or presented at a conference, workshop or other event.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/JournalItem Journal Item A contribution to a journal, e.g. an article, editorial, conference report, debate, letter or response. Where the contribution is an article, use Journal Article.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/JournalArticle Journal Article An article or paper published in a journal. For book reviews, use Book Review. For news items use News Item. For other types of contribution use Journal Item.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/NewsItem News Item A news item.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/Patent Patent A patent or patent application.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/Report Report A research, statistical or technical report issued by an institution, agency, government body or other organisation.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/SubmittedJournalArticle Submitted Journal Article The author's original manuscript as submitted to and/or accepted by a journal. In the terminology recommended by the [Sherpa project], a submission prior to peer review is a preprint; a submission after peer review is a postprint. Therefore, a Submitted Journal Article can be either a preprint or a postprint. For the version of the article published by the journal, use Journal Article.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/Thesis Thesis or Dissertation A thesis or dissertation submitted in completion of a course of study at an institution of higher education.
http://purl.org/eprint/type/WorkingPaper Working or Discussion Paper A working or discussion paper circulated publicly or among a group of peers. Certain disciplines, for example economics, issue working papers in series. Working or discussion papers may form the basis for a Journal Article or Conference Paper.

It should be noted that all the types listed here are sub-classes of the http://purl.org/dc/dcmitype/Text term in the [DCMI Type Vocabulary].