Deposit API meeting Warwick

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JISC Deposit API Working Group

Warwick Conference Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry, 11th-12th July 2006

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  1. David Flanders, Birkbeck College
  2. Chris Gutteridge (for Timothy Miles-Board), Southampton University,
  3. Jim Downing, University of Cambridge, Dspace / SPECTRa project
  4. Martin Morrey, Intrallect
  5. Phil Nicholls, independent technical consultant
  6. Rachel Heery, UKOLN, JISC Digital Repositories Support team
  7. Julie Allinson, UKOLN, JISC Digital Repositories Support team


  • Thomas Place, Tilburg University, ARNO
  • Leah Houser, OCLC
  • Adrian Burton, APSR
  • Chris Blackall
  • Sarah Currier, CETIS, JISC Digital Repositories Support team
  • Ben Ryan, KaiNao
  • Les Carr, Southampton University,
  • Richard Green, University of Hull, Fedora / RepoMMan project
  • John Bell, HarvestRoad


Radcliffe Training & Conference Centre
Gibbet Hill Road
The University of Warwick
Warwickshire, CV4 7AL


Tuesday 11th July

10.30 - Arrival and coffee

11.00 - Introductions and Meeting overview

Review of last meeting; Recap on US interoperability meeting and activity

11.30 - Day 1, Session 1

Review requirements and scope, including discussion of scenarios and use cases
Outcomes: Statement of scope; Requirements list

13.00 - Lunch

14.00 - Day 1, Session 2

Review candidate specifications
Outcomes: Statement about each standard

15.30 - Coffee

16.00 - Day 1, Session 3

Explore multi-layered approach or alternatives; discuss abstract model components: Service Discovery (EXPLAIN), Deposit (PUT) and Receipt
Outcomes: Agree approach; Identify components

17.30 - Close

19.30 - Dinner

Wednesday 12th July

09.00 - Day 2, Session 1

Review and agree outcomes of day 1

10.30 - Coffee

11.00 - Day 2, Session 2

Discuss outline API specification / abstract model

12.30 Lunch

13.30 - Day 2, Session 3

Discuss outline API specification / abstract model
Outcomes: Outline specification

15.00 - Coffee and closing discussion

Outcomes: Agree workplan and next steps

16.00 - Close


Phil Nicholls has prepared a Strawman document for discussion at the meeting.

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