Deposit API deposit serialisation

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         I suggest removing Pending, and just using the data in the receipt. Pending 
         is a sub type of request (chris g.) 

         This may be supplied if an error or rejected response was given.
    <errorCode>One of:
notAuthzRejection (authorised is a uk/us spelling issue)           


    <!-- If response code is not error or rejected - -->
             level 1 must include this if the client supplied a
             transaction id. It is the same id.

             The unique id that this server has assigned to the injested
             item. Should be a URI, but this only _has_ to be unique 
             within the server, 

             Optional. This is a URL which will return the excact content
             bit stream that the client passed. The URL may not be valid 
             at once if the item is pending.       -->
             Optional. A URL for a human to find this record. This may be
             the "splash page". The URL may not be valid at once if the 
             item is pending.

             Optional. Does pending need to be a true/false?

             Optional if pending. May be repeated (0..n)
       <!-- 0 or 1 -->
       <previewURL>[URL]</previewURL> <!-- 0 or 1 -->

       <!-- 0 .. n -->

            Optional. Describes what treatments were actually applied. If 
            not supplied then assume the worst!

             Optional. May be repeated. The data should be a format 

             Optional. May be returned if a verbose response was requested.

       <!-- 0 or 1. -->
       <!-- Having a negative boolean is confusing. I think we should change
            the symantic to something else. Maybe <acted>true/false</acted> ? 
            - chris.

       <!-- 0 or 1. not sure about this! -->

       <!-- 0..n -->