Deposit API brainstorm

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The following list of componenets for a Deposit protocol were brainstormed during the 2-day Deposit meeting. From this list, draft XML seralialistations were produced:

This brainstorm document makes the following assumptions:

  • Level 0: the repository will have one behaviour; it is mandatory that it describes this behaviour in the explain response. This is configurable by the repository, not the client.
  • Level 1: Repository can configure it’s response.
  • Mandatory = Level 0
  • Mandatory + Optional = Level 1
  • Description = human-readable text and/or url


  • Content:binary CDATA (M)
  • Format (O): ID-recommended URI (from the collection being put insterted into)
  • TransactionID (O) client-generated identifier for the process
  • TargetCollection (O)
  • Verbose true||false (O)
  • NoOp true||false (O)
  • Checksum (O)
  • ChecksumAlgorithm (O)
  • DepositProperty (O) 0..n string=name of property (repeatable field; each string used for archive-specific information required on deposit)
  • TargetState (O)



    • ID (O) [default=top-level collection]
    • Depth 0||deep||all (O) [default=all]



  • ResponseCode success||fail||depthNotSupported ... [will depend on request]
  • Datestamp
  • ServerLevel 0||1
  • APIVersion 0.1



  • ID
  • Policy (O) [description, cdata or url]


  • ID (O)
  • Description (O)
    • Depth 0||deep||all (O) [0=all information for default collection and ids of immediate children collections; deep=mixed content; all=all information for all collections]
  • DescribeFormat (O) [list additional format(s) (1..n), need vocabularly for formats; one default format (M)]
    • FormatID (O)
    • FormatDescription (O)
  • TreatmentDescription (M) [what the repository will do with a deposit, e.g. will it maintain the exact SIP as deposited]
    • PID handling (O) [recommended part of description, how the repository has assigned/handled persistent ids]
  • VerboseSupported true||false [for developers - verbose response for a human being for testing/programming]
  • NoOpSupported true||false [for developers, facility to 'simulate' put]
  • DeleteCodeSupported true||false [for developers mainly, to support provision of a delete code]
  • ChecksumAlgorithmSupported default=none [string]
  • DepositAllowed true||false
  • CollectionPolicy (O) [description, cdata or url]
  • DepositProperty (O) set||notSet||setWithString
  • TargetStateAvailable
    • ID
    • Description (url or string)

CollectionIDs (depth 0)

  • ID (O)

Collections (depth n) (O) [recommended authorised collections only; check OAI treatment of sets]

  • ID (O)
  • Description (O)
    • Depth 0||deep||all (O) [0=all information for default collection and ids of immediate children collections; deep=mixed content; all=all information for all collections]
  • TreatmentDescription (O)
  • Format (O)
    • FormatID (O)
    • FormatDescription (O)
  • VerboseSupported true||false (O)
  • NoOpSupported true||false (O)
  • DeleteCodeSupported true||false (O)
  • ChecksumAlgorithmSupported default=none [string] (O)
  • DepositAllowed true||false (O)



  • ResponseCode success||fail
  • Datestamp
  • ServerLevel 0||1
  • APIVersion 0.1


  • TransactionID (O) [client-generated identifier for the process]
  • IdentifierURI (M) [identfier for the ingested digital object; check Carl Lagoze presentation re this]
    • ObjectURL (O) [the exact digital object deposited, the SIP]
    • DisplayURL (O) [the splash page, jump-off page, metadata record etc.; may not yet resolve to the right thing, e.g. for pending records]
  • DepositStatus (M)
    • Accepted (M)
    • Pending (M)
    • Rejected (M)
    • Error (M)
  • ErrorCode (M)
    • ErrorContent (O)
    • ErrorParse (O)
    • ErrorChecksumMismatch (O) [required if a checksum is sent]
    • ErrorUnknownChecksumAlgorithm (O) [required if a checksum is sent]
    • ErrorBadRequest (M) [where parameters are not understood]
      • UnknownTarget (O)
      • UnknownDepositProperty (O)
      • IllegalDepositPropertyCombination (O)
  • PendingCode (M) [check ISO]
    • PendingActionRequired (O)
      • PendingActionRequiredDescription (O)
      • PendingActionRequiredURL (O) [to continue the process; may or may not require authentication]
      • PendingPreviewURL (O) [user, with authentication if necessary can see what they have deposited]
  • ErrorStringDescription (M) [can be an empty string]
  • TreatmentDescription (M) [what the repository has done or may have done with a deposit, e.g. policy applied - can be very simplistic]
  • FormatHandled (O)
    • ID 0..n (O)
  • VerboseDescription (O)
  • NoOp (O)
  • DeleteCode (O)
  • Checksum (O)
  • ChecksumType (O) default=MD5


For level 0:

  • explain request: http get with parameters
  • deposit: http post with parameters
  • content: binary (name=content)