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Content Packaging Event

A workshop was held over two days in Bristol between the 31st of January and the 1st February 2007 for the purpose of delegates reaching a better understanding of the use of content packaging standards to describe complex objects. Delegates will be invited to evaluate the appropriateness of the various content packaging standards in the context of digital repositories.

The overall aim of the workshop is to contribute to summary guidelines on the value and appropriate use of the various content packaging standards to support the exchange of data in relation to repositories.

Information about each event:

Programmes available here:

The following presentations were given over the two days:

  • Moving Picture Experts Group 21 - Digital Item Declaration Language (MPEG 21 - DIDL)

Presentations from Frances Knudson

Tutorial on MPEG DIDL 21 (Day 1)




and Presentation 2 (Day 2)


  • Introduction by Mahendra Mahey


Questions given to delegates at workshop (by Mahendra Mahey)


Evaluation of Models


  • Resource Aggregation Model for Learning, Education and Training (RAMLET) - presentation by Wilbert Kraan


  • IMS Content Packaging Standards XML Binding - presentation by Sheila MacNeil


  • Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS) - presentation by Marcus Enders


  • Dublin Core and the Dublin Core Abstract Model - Andrew Powell


(Andy's presentation is also available from Slideshare)

Blog posts

A couple of attendees at the event have blogged on the issues raised: