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Repositories and preservation cluster

Digital Repository projects: SHERPA Plus, MIDESS, Repository Bridge, SPECTRa, Paradigm

Other relevant JISC activities: Digital Preservation and Asset Management Programme projects funded under the JISC Circular 4/04, including Preserv, Sherpa DP, Paradigm, the Digital Curation Centre, and the DCC LOCKSS Technical Support Service

Relevant non-JISC activities: Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories, elements of DPC

Themes: OAIS model, risk assessment, formalising OAIS ingest function, preservation in a distributed environment and preservation services.

Interested Advisory Group members: Martha Anderson, Sheila Anderson, Steve Hitchcock, Chris Pressler

Repositories Research team contact: Julie Allinson

Join: Restricted to relevant JISC projects, special cases considered. Contact Steve Hitchcock or Gareth Knight


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