UKOLN AHDS QA Toolkit: Web site Self Assessment

Area: Metadata

Reason: It is important to have metadata available on your site for Resource disocvery and harvesting.

Tool: The metadata tests make use of the W3C's Dublin Core Extraction Service and the online Tidy service.

The first link (XHTML) goes to the W3C's Dublin Core Extraction Service for each project. This will return the Dublin Core metadata in RDF format which is extracted using an XSLT transformation of an XHTML resource.

If the resource is in HTML format and not HTML it will be necesary to transform the HTML page into XHTML. The second link (HTML) goes W3C's Dublin Core Extraction Service for each project in which the input data is a XHTML version of the resource, which has been coverted on-the-fly using the online Tidy service.

This Dublin Core metadata is returned in RDF format. If you are using a recent version of Internet Explorer, this should be displayed as an XML resource. If you are using other browsers you should see the medata displayed as unformatted text.

The third link (DC) goes to DC dot.


Further Information: Is available from the Metadata Analysis Of JISC 5/99 Project Entry Points .