UKOLN AHDS QA Focus Presentation: All-Programme Meeting in Nottingham

QA Focus ran a workshop session at the All-Programme meeting held in Nottingham on 31st October / 1st November 2002.


Quality Assurance For Projects


Compliance with standards and best practices is becoming of increasing importance in order to ensure that deliverables from JISC programmes are interoperable, can be deployed into service within ease and are widely accessible. In this workshop session QA Focus, an advisory service for the 5/99 programme, will describe its initial approaches to the development and support for quality assurance procedures for projects and seek feedback from projects on future work.

The first workshop session will focus on findings for 5/99 projects. The workshop will be repeated for X4L and FAIR projects which will enable projects to benefits from the findings and approaches used for the 5/99 programme.


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Summary Of Web Surveys
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Further Work
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Time Topic Comments
14:30-14:40 Introduction [MS PowerPoint format] - [HTML format]
14:40-15:00 Exercise 1 - QA For Project Web Sites - What Can Be Done [MS Word format] - [HTML format]
15:00-15:15 Surveys Of Project Web Sites [MS PowerPoint format] - [HTML format]
15:15-15:25 Where To From Here?  
15:25-15:30 Conclusions