UKOLN AHDS JISC All Programme Meeting, July 2004: Quality Assurance For Metadata Workshop

Please note that after the original proposal was put together, it was agreed to change the structure of the session. The following presentation was given:

QA For Metadata: The QA Focus Methodology
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Brian Kelly a workshop session on Quality Assurance For Metadata at the JISC All-Programme Meeting held on 6-7th July 2004 at the De Vere Grand Hotel, Brighton. The workshop session took place on 6th July 2004 from 15:00-16:30.

The workshop made use of some of the materials developed for the Quality Assurance Workshop held on 24th November 2003.


There is an increasing expectation that project deliverables for JISC programmes should be deployed in a service environment and that the deployment into service should require the minimum of porting work. There is also an increasing awareness of the need to ensure that project deliverables comply with appropriate standards and best practices in order to maximise accessibility and interoperability.

JISC has funded QA Focus to support JISC's digital library programmes. QA Focus seeks to provide advice and support for projects and ensure that projects have appropriate quality assurance procedures which will ensure that standards and best practices are implemented.

Members of the QA Focus team will facilitate a 90 minute session on "Quality Assurance For Metadata" which is aimed at projects funded under several of JISC's programmes.

The workshop will provide projects an opportunity to hear more about the QA Focus work and for the participants to address the particular requirements of quality assurance procedures which may be needed to ensure that metadata used within projects is fit for its purpose.

Participants at the workshop will be provided with a range of handouts which have been produced by QA Focus team to support JISC-funded projects.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the sessions delegates will:


The draft timetable is given below. Please note that this is subject to change.

Workshop Timetable
Time Session Comments
15:00-15:10 Introduction Presentation - About the session
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15:10-15:20 Group Exercise 1: A Simple Introduction To QA For Metadata Group exercise
[Exercise 1 (MS Word format)]
15:20-15:30 Review of exercise Presentation - Exercise 1
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15:30-15:45 The QA Focus Methodology Presentation:
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15:45-16:15 Group Exercise 2: QA For Metadata Group exercise:
[Exercise 2 (MS Word format)]
Group 1: Exercise 2A: QA for metadata.
Group 2: Exercise 2B: QA For software.
Group 3: Exercise 2C: Evaluation of the QA methodology
16:15-16:25 Discussion General discussion
16:25-16:30 Conclusions Conclusions:
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16:30 Finish  



Main Slides
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Approach To Metadata Quality
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QA Focus Methodology
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Slides: [HTML format] - [MS PowerPoint format]
Exercise 1 (Using Acronym and Abbr tags): [MS Word format]
Exercise 2A (QA For Metadata) and 2B (QA For Software): [MS Word format]
Exercise 2C (Evaluation Of The QA Focus methodology): [MS Word format]
[Briefing documents on QA]
[Briefing documents on metadata]
[Metadata case studies]
[QA For Metadata Toolkit]