JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 20 May 2005

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Phase 1 WP1: Project management WP2: Model/Use WP3: Tools WP4: m2m WP5: Validation WP6: Policy WP7: Evaluation


ILRT: Dave Beckett, Nikki Rogers,

UKOLN: Pete Johnston, Rachel Heery

1. Progress

WP2: Specifications

PJ: Make minor updates to data model to reflect changes made during development work.

PJ: Add web interface screenshot template document to web site.

WP3: Tools

Need to create three pages on WP2 web pages to report progress on each of components.

DB: Client

DB: Data Server

NR: Web Site

WP7: Evaluation

ESYS Evaluation report noted

Workshop feedback to be incorporated in phase 2 planning

WP4: Demonstrate m2m usage

NR: report status as under WP2, to be linked in from WP4 web pages

WP5: Case study: "Validation" of application profiles

PJ: to outline understanding of requirements

PJ/RH: to liaise with Becta for feedback by end of project

WP6: Policy/guidance

RH: to produce policy statement on persistence and collection policy for end of project

2. Dissemination

RH: JCDL Poster

All: keep dates free for JISC all programmes meeting July 7/8 in Cambridge

3. Continuation Funding

Continuation funding has been agreed in principle by JISC, subject to agreement on a proposal. ILRT have changed cost basis for JISC projects so UKOLN will need to review how development work is carried out within the project. ILRT have interest in Web Services and would prefer their involvement in future work to be focused in that area.

RH: to liaise with JISC regarding project proposal, to ensure ILRT are informed of future arrangements for development work.

4. Date of Next Meeting

RH: to arrange final project meeting latter half of June.