JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 17 December 2004

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ILRT: Dave Beckett, Nikki Rogers,

UKOLN: Pete Johnston, Rachel Heery

Purpose of meeting

To review development of registry and authoring tool

To re-schedule project plan as necessary

1. Actions carried over from project meeting 23 November 2004

PJ: to collate feedback from 'mini-workshop' regarding web interface to registry

PJ/NR: to draw up scripts for workshop to encourage feedback

RH: to keep in contact with workshop invitees

Lorna to investigate IPR issues as regards representation of LOM within the IEMSR registry

RH: to update Leona regarding project slippage per WP

Leona: to re-arrange presentation of IEMSR to JISC development group in New Year.

2. WP3: Progress on web interface to registry and AP authoring tool

The web interface to the registry was demonstrated at the last project meeting in November. Both CETIS and Becta followed up the meeting by further exploration of the web interface, and both have provided useful and detailed feedback, made available on the project list. This feedback will be acted upon prior to the 'open workshop'. This cycle of feedback has enabled the project to take on board comment from user representatives prior to the open workshop. Fortunately it seems from feedback that the underlying data model is just about right, and it is presentational issues that require additional work. Such changes should be feasible in the timescale available.

Development of the authoring tool is turning out to be more complex and difficult than originally anticipated, due to both the complexity of handling two data models (Dublin Core and IEEE LOM) and the use of Java for the development environment. This situation has been exacerbated by delays in allocation of development staff to the project. The project will address this issue by prioritising development of the essential functionalities of the authoring tool (e.g. shelving work on authentication), by monitoring progress carefully, and by increasing visibility of progress on development work.

Dave will undertake phased release of authoring tool, delivering test-bed clients regularly. Dave will update the WP3 area of the IEMSR project web pages, outlining achievements and linking to the software. Dave (in collaboration with UKOLN system support) will move registry over to UKOLN server.

DB: to focus on development of authoring tool with regular client deliveries. Key functionality to be completed by date of workshop, week commencing 14-03-05.

PJ: to collate feedback regarding web interface to registry and circulate as Annex to Functional Requirements by 22-12-2004.

NR: to complete development work on web interface to the registry by 31-01-05 (based on the updated functional requirements to be done by PJ). .

PJ/NR: to meet to plan user testing scripts for workshop, both for registry and tool at ILRT on 28-01-05

PJ: to get Dave permissions to update WP3 pages directly on UKOLN web site

DB: to update WP3 web pages with details of software achievements and links to software, to start by 24-12-04, then ongoing.

3. Re-scheduling of workshop

Confirmed that versions of both registry and authoring tools need to be available minimum of 3 weeks prior to workshop so client builds will be made available at least 3 weeks before workshop. Staged release is essential for workshop preparation, to enable preparation of scripts and evaluation questionnaires. Final versions will be made available prior to the workshop if possible. It is critical that the workshop date does not slip a second time so we need to have firm deadlines.

Need to schedule workshop planning meeting, probably with Oliver Greening.

NR: to deliver web interface to registry: 31-01-05

DB: to deliver authoring tool to be used for workshop: if possible by 18 February 2005, otherwise workshop preparation will be done using staged release.

All: to hold workshop week beginning 14 March 2005

RH: to arrange workshop planning meeting for February

RH: to investigate venue for workshop at University of Bath (note must have pc's with Java 1.4.2)

4. WP4 Demonstration of m2m usage

Agreed that Pete would write up brief summary of high level requirements for potential use of registry by Curriculum OnLine (CoL) tagging tool. Probable that meeting these requirements would require development work not already scoped. This needs to be explored. It is possible that Nikki can get involved in this late February, and post-workshop.

5. WP5 Case study and WP6 Policy and guidance

Start of these WPs has been delayed due to staff shortages, and prioritisation of other WPs.

6. WP7: Evaluation

Need to finalise evaluation contract, and schedule meeting(s) with Oliver to discuss evaluation in more detail.

RH: to finalise contract amendment with Oliver.

RH: to arrange meetings with Oliver.

6. DNM

Project meeting 17 January 2005, 10.30 am UKOLN

Script planning meeting 27 January 2005 10.00 at ILRT (NR and PJ only)