JISC IE Metadata Schema Registry

Notes of Technical Meeting, 19 January 2006

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Phase 2 WP1: Project management WP2: User requirements WP3: Registry development WP4: Dissemination/evaluation


ILRT: Nikki Rogers, Damian Steer

UKOLN: Rachel Heery, Pete Johnston, Emma Tonkin


All actions by 2-2-06 unless stated otherwise:

  1. Submit IEMSR progress report to JISC by 30.1.06 [RH]
  2. Establish iemsr-technical mailing list for detailed exchanges [PJ]
  3. Update Sourceforge: package client and put up a functional release [DS]
  4. Put phase 2 project plan onto web site [PJ]
  5. Update timelines on work package plan [RH]
  6. Outline interaction with user representatives and how this will fit with evaluation and technical peer review [RH]
  7. Nikki to get some initial feedback on web interface design from ILRT expert [NR]
  8. Agreed responsibility for development as follows:

    Emma responsible for Web Site server developemnt, Nikki will give a 2 day handover

    Damian responsible for Data Creation Tool

    The Registry Data Server will be hosted at UKOLN.
    Pete responsible for data management on Registry Data Server, to do this he will require Damian to develop a Web form interface for re-index, upload, remove/re-build data sources.
    Damian responsible for any Registry Data Server software changes and sys admin.
  9. UKOLN will lead on user testing
  10. Set up an account for Damian on UKOLN server [ET by 24-01-06]
  11. Nikki to confirm a reasonably low effort will be needed to use the Resource Tracking tool. This tool will be used to plan software development and keep track of progress [NR by 20-01-06]
  12. Damian and Emma to enter initial breakdown of work onto the tracker system [ET, DS]
  13. Pete to complete prioritised software review, section 2 on admin interface to be done at a high level [PJ]
  14. Arrange 'handover' meetings between Emma and Nikki; Pete and Damian [NR, ET, PJ, DS]
  15. Set up IRC channel [ET, DS]
  16. Next technical meeting 7.2.06 at ILRT 10.00