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Relationship to ISAD(G) and the Archives Hub

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This page provides a view on the relationship between the RSLP collection description schema and ISAD(G)/EAD, with particular reference to the UK HE Archives Hub.

General points

At the second RSLP Collection Description Concertation Day a breakout group discussed the relationship between ISAD(G) and the RSLP collection description schema. Some notes of that breakout group are available. A smaller follow-up meeting was held in London on 17 April 2000. The meeting recommended a number of changes to the proposed RSLP collection description schema. Based on those changes, it also agreed an initial mapping between ISAD(G) and the RSLP schema. Some notes of that meeting and the initial mappings will be made available in due course. Further work on the mappings will be required prior to any software tool development being undertaken.

The recommended schema changes were:

The meeting also noted the following comments on the current RSLP schema:

It was also noted that, if tools are made available to automatically convert from ISAD(G) to the RSLP schema, there are various options for their deployment in the context of the UKOLN/RSLP search demonstrator and the Archives Hub:

Maintained by: Andy Powell
Last updated: 20-April-2000

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