RSLP Collection Description

RSLP Collection Description Concertation Day

The Charity Centre

Directory of Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2DP
Friday, 18 February 2000

Post-meeting materials

Registration is now closed.


If you are coming to the day, please try and read the following (and bring copies with you!):

If possible, please also familiarise yourself with Mike Heaney's An Analytical Model of Collections and their Catalogues. It would be very useful if you could also try out the: preferably by attempting to describe a sample collection from your project. You may find it useful to print out a copy of your completed description(s) to bring with you.

Please come to the concertation day prepared to make (constructive!) critisism of the model, schema, tool and data entry guidelines.

See you on Friday!

The RSLP Collection Description project

The description of collections will become increasingly important in the context of network library services and an important underpinning for developing a collective resource. The creation of collection descriptions allows the owners or curators of collections to disclose information about their existence and availability to interested parties.

The RSLP Collection Description project will work together with other RSLP projects to enable them to describe their collections in a consistent and machine readable way. Based on a thorough modelling of collections and their catalogues, the project is developing a collection description metadata schema and associated syntax using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). It is also developing a simple Web-based tool in order that projects can describe their collections and it will prototype a search service based on a database of such descriptions.

For a more detailed introduction, see the project Web-site at:

The project is pleased to announce initial versions of the

based on An Analytical Model of Collections and their Catalogues by Michael Heaney.

Outline of the Day

The day will provide an opportunity for RSLP projects to:

The day will be held at the Charity Centre, Directory of Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2DP on Friday, 18 February 2000. Registration and coffee will be at 10.30am for an 11.00am start. We expect the day to end at around 4.00pm. Lunch will be provided.

Stephenson Way is just of North Gower Street, very close to Euson Square Underground station and Euston BR Station.


All RSLP projects are invited to send one participant to the concertation day. Attendance will be free, though projects are expected to fund their own travel arrangements. The day is not expected to be highly technical in nature. Some knowledge of collections and their management, cataloguing and/or archival description would be very beneficial.


Please respond to this message (to if you would like to attend the concertation day, supplying the following details:
Name                 :
Email address        :
Postal address       :
Project              :
Organisation         :
Any special dietary  :
or mobility needs
For more information about the day contact:
Andy Powell, UKOLN
01225 323933

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