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RSLP Collection Description Concertation Day

The Charity Centre

Directory of Social Change, 24 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2DP
Friday, 18 February 2000


Ronald Milne, University of Edinburgh - Research Support Libraries Programme

Vanessa Marshall, The British Library - National Register of Collection Strengths, Retention Intentions and Pres. Status

Andrew Grout, University of Edinburgh - 'Charting the Nation'

Christine Wise, London Guildhall University

Lesley Pitman, University College London - Collaborative Collection Management Project on Russian and East European Studies

David Steel, University of Edinburgh - RSLP Clinical Notes Project

Patricia Methven, King's College London - Retroconversion of cross disciplinary archives: television documentaries

Robert Baxter, King's College London - Unified guide to archives of HE institutions in the London areas

Jane Hudson, University of Manchester - Nineteenth-century pamphlets, HOST, Music, Middle-Eastern, Cartoons

Katie Sambrook, King's College London - The history of science and technology, 1801-1914

Caroline Shaw, London School of Economics - Online Guide to the Papers of Charles Booth

Margaret Blackburn, University of London Library - Palaeography: Developing the national resource

Lyn Bailey, Selwyn College - 19th Century Pamphlets Cataloguing Project

Helen Roberts, University of Hull - Yorkshire Quaker Heritage Project

Gregor Thomson, Royal Vetinary College - ASVIN Project

Peter Clinch, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies - Collaborative Collection Management of Foreign Legal Materials

Mike Hopkins

Gerry White, Victoria and Albert Museum

Christine Gascoigne, St. Andrews University Library - Pamphlet and Polemic

Moira Rankin, University of Glasgow - GASHE

Alason Roberts, Edinburgh University Library - Various

Julie Evans, Institute of Commonwealth Studies - CASBAH

Sam Collenette, Institute of Commonwealth Studies - CASBAH

Sarah Mahurter, The London Institute - Support for nationwide research activities in book history and bookdesign

Helen Cordell, SOAS Library - Retrospective conversion of Asian and African collections

Jane Newton, University of Kent at Canterbury - CartoonHub: A national hub for British cartoons and caricatures

Arnott Wilson, University of Edinburgh - Navigational Aids for the History of Science Technology and the Environment

Gordon Dunsire, Napier University Learning Information Services - SCONE

Gillian Hughes, University of Wales Bangor

Gordon Bower, University of York - ARCHway

Martin Price, University of Wales Swansea

Nancy Elkington, Research Libraries Group - liaison to several

Jill Russell, University of Birmingham - Responsilbe for all collection profiling at University

Marie-Pierre Detraz, University of Birmingham - 19th Century Pamphlets

Ann Wade, The British Library

Mike Lacey, University of Birmingham - Ensemble

Kate Birrell, Bodleian Library - Mapping Asia

Susan Jephcott, SOAS - Mapping Asia

Lesley Forbes, University of Oxford - Mapping Asia

Eric Watchman, University of Durham

Middle Eastern, Mapping Asia, Chinese

Jan Merchant, Dundee University Archives - The Dawn Evidence

Maggie Luff, University of Cambridge - Fully automated digital catalogue for the CUCAP collection

Lesley Gordon, University of Newcastle upon Tyne - 19th century pamphlets, HOST

Andy Powell, UKOLN, University of Bath

Michael Day, UKOLN, University of Bath

Gill Davenport, Research Support Libraries Programme - Programme Administrator, RSLP

Neil Thomson, Natural History Museum

Nick Poole, Museum and Galleries Commission - Cornucopia

Simon Brackenbury, University of Southampton - BOPCRIS: British Official Publications Collaborative Reader Information Service

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Last updated: 10-Feb-2000

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