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The Royal Society, Edinburgh

21-23 November 2005


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Sunday 20 November

1900-2100 Welcome reception, drinks reception and early registration
There will be a drinks reception for early arrivals on Sunday 20 November at the National eScience Centre in Edinburgh. Early registration for the conference will be available at this reception from 18.30 on Sunday evening.


Monday 21 November


0830-0945 Registration and coffee

Session 1
Conference Welcome and Keynote address
Peter Buneman
Chair: David Giaretta

1030-1100 Refreshment break
1100-1230 Session 2
Ensuring long-term data preservation
Chair: tbc

1. Earth Observation Payload Data Long Term Archiving the ESA’s Multi-Mission Infrastructure
Gian Maria Pinna, Eberhard Mikusch, Manfred Bollner, Bernard Prurin [PDF]

2. Long-term preservation of chemical information
Peter Murray-Rust, Henry Rzepa

3. ESA RSSD Science Archives Inter-Operability and Virtual Observatory Services
Christophe Arviset, John Dowson, Jose Hernandez, Inaki Ortiz, Pedro Osuna, Jesus Salgado, Guillermo San Miguel [PDF]

1230-1340 Lunch
1340-1455 Session 3
Ensuring long-term data preservation
Chair: Patrick Mazal

1. Data information and management system for the DFD multi-mission earth observation data
S. Kiemle, E Mikusch, C. Bilinski, B. Buckl, D.Dietrich, S.Kroger, C.Reck, A.-K. Schroeder-Lanz, M. Wolfmuller [PDF]

2. Performing a Migration in the Framework of the OAIS Reference Model: NSSDC Case Study
Donald Sawyer, H. Kent Hills, Pat McCastlin, John Garrett [PDF]

3. Formalization of material property data analysis with web ontology
Toshihiro Ashino, Hiroshi Yoshizu [PDF]

1455-1530 Refreshment break
1530-1645 Session 4
Ensuring long-term data preservation
Chair: Michael Day

1. A NOAA/NASA Pilot Project for the Preservation of MODIS Data from the Earth Observing System (EOS)
Robert Rank, Kenneth R. McDonald [PDF]

2. Preserving Medical Research Information and Privacy
Kathy Johnson-Throop, Alan Wood, Jacque Havelka, Diedre Thomas

3. USGS National Center for Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Analog Archive Preservation Efforts
Timothy B. Smith [PDF]

1700 onwards Free evening in Edinburgh
  9 Papers


Tuesday 22 November



Session 5
Future Prospects
Chair: tbc

1. Emerging Technologies in support of Long-Term Data and Knowledge Preservation for the Earth Science Community
Luigi Fusco, Joost van Bemmelen, Veronica Guidetti [PDF]

2. Developing and using standards for data and information in science and technology
John Rumble, Gail Hodge, Bonnie Carroll, Laura Bartolo [PDF]

3. The Space Physics Archive Search and Extract (SPASE) and the Virtual Space Physics Observatory (VSPO)
James Thieman, Todd King, Aaron Roberts, Joseph King, Vasily Rezapkin, Christopher Harvey, Joey Mukherjee [PDF]

4. Advancing Geospatial Data Curation
Rajendra Bose, Femke Reitsma [PDF]

1040-1110 Refreshment break
1110-1310 Session 6
Future Prospects
Chair: William L. Anderson

1. Establishing a mechanism for maintaining file integrity within the data archive
Thomas C. Stein, Edward A. Guinness, Susan H. Slavney [PDF]

2. The Semantic Planetary Data System
J. Steven Hughes, Daniel Crichton [PDF]

3. The United States of America's Data Challenges for the Future as a Partcipant in the Global Earth Observing System of Systems
Wayne M. Faas

4. Drivers and challenges for NASA's Earth Science Data Holdings
Kathy Fontaine, Francis Lindsay, Martha Maiden [PDF]

1310-1400 Lunch
1400-1600 Session 7
Poster session More..
1600-1630 Refreshment break
1630-1745 Session 8
Future Prospects
Chair: tbc

1. The development of a standard for digital repository certification
Bruce Ambacher [PDF]

2. XFDU packaging contribution to an implementation of the OAIS reference model
Arnaud Lucas [PDF]

3. From HARM to SAFE: The ESA's proposal for a standard archive format for Europe
Gian Maria Pinna, Vincenzo Beruti, Stephane Mbaye, Valter Spaventa, Davide Castellazzi [PDF]

  11 papers

The Conference dinner takes place at Our Dynamic Earth, an environmental visitor attraction at the foot of Arthur's seat. Guests will be able to enjoy a drinks reception and tour around some of the galleries and exhibitions followed by a 3-course dinner. The dress code is smart casual.


Wednesday 23 November



Session 9
Ensuring long-term data preservation
Chair: tbc

1. Adaptation & Use of OpenGIS Web Technologies for Multi-Disciplinary Access to Planetary Data
Elaine Dobinson, Dave Curkendall, Lucian Plesa, Trent Hare [PDF]

2. Data centres and their role in publication and access to data
Jens Klump, Eleni Paliouras, Jan Brase, Michael Diepenbroek, Hannes Grobe; Heinke Hock, Michael Lautenschlager, Uwe Schindler, Irina Sens [PDF]

3. SITools (enhanced use of laboratory services): Architecture and First Feedback
T. Levoir [PDF]

1040-1110 Refreshment break

Session 10
Adding value to data
Chair: Gian Maria Pinna

1. Preserving and Adding Value to Scientific Data: The Cybercartographic Atlas Of Antarctica
D.R.F. Taylor, Peter Pulsifer, Tracey Lauriault [PDF]

2. Algorithm Preservation versus Data Preservation: How to manage value-added processing in Earth Observation Payload data ground segments
M. Bottcher, B. Pruin, C. Sommer, M. Wilkniss [PDF]

3. Adding value to Oceanographic data at the British Oceanographic Centre
Roy Lowry, Lesley Rickards, Juan Brown [PDF]

4. Access Interfaces for Open Archival Information Systems based on the OAI-PMH and the OpenURL Framework for Context-Sensitive Services
Jeroen Bekaert, Herbert Van de Sompel [PDF]

1300-1400 Lunch
1400-15.30 Session 11
Lessons Learnt
Chair: Eberhard Mikusch

1. How to evaluate the ability of a file format to ensure long-term preservation for digital information?
N. Lormant, D.Corney, D. Boucon, C.Miquel [PDF]

2. Preservation for Institutional Repositories: practical and invisible
Jessie Hey, Steve Hitchcock, Leslie Carr, Tim Brody [PDF]

3. Running a data centre on the long-term lessons learnt from 30 years of CDS history
Francoise Genova, Mark Allen, Thomas Boch, Francois Bonnarel, Laurent Cambresy, Sebastien Derriere, Pascal Dubois, Pierre Fernique, Soizick Lesteven, Francois Ochsenbein, Andre Schaaff, Bernd Vollmer, Marc Wenger [PDF]

  Conference closing statements

10 papers

31 plenary papers in total

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