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Library Resource Sharing and Discovery:
Catalogues for the Future

A one-day workshop presented by the eLib Clump Projects and co-ordinated by UKOLN

22nd March 1999
The British Library St. Pancras London 96 Euston Road London

Conference Programme

Preliminary Programme

09-30 to 10-30

Registration, coffee, and opportunity to look around BL

10-30 to 10-40

Introduction (Morning sessions chaired by Jean Sykes, Project Director, M25 Link)

10-40 to 10-50

Welcome and Address by John Mahoney, Director of Information Systems, BL

10-50 to 11-20

Session 1: Who Needs Z39.50, and Why - Matthew Dovey, Technical Consultant, Music Libraries Online

an Introduction to the Complexities of Z39.50 for the Uninitiated

11-20 to 11-55

Session 2: Not Just a Protocol - Helena Gillis, Project Co-ordinator, CAIRNS

Managerial and Organisational Aspects of Clumping

11-55 to 12-30

Session 3a: Themed Demonstrations of Clump Services

What a Clump Looks Like to Users - John Gilby, Project Manager, M25 Link

It's Out There Somewhere: RCO and Locating Material by Subject'- Dennis Nicholson, Project Director, CAIRNS

12-30 to 13-45

Lunch and opportunity to look around BL

13-45 to 14-15

Session 3b: Themed Demonstrations of Clump Services
(Afternoon sessions chaired by Peter Stubley, Project Director, Riding)

Dealing with Difficult Material - Matthew Dovey, Technical Consultant, Music Libraries Online

Adding Value: Additional Services at the RIDING Gateway- Verity Brack, Project Manager, Riding

14-15 to 14-45

Session 4: Clumps in the Real World - What Do Users Need?

A User Services Librarian's View of Clumping and its Impact on Users - Speaker to be arranged

14-45 to 15-30

Session 5: Breakout Groups Following Demonstration Themes

RIDING: a Catalyst for Collaboration?

Clumping in the Right Direction with CAIRNS: Collection Description and Finding Material Relevant to the User

Contents Issues in Subject Clumps

What Do Users Want to See in a Clump ? - Your Opportunity to Contribute to the Design

15-30 to 16-00


16-00 to 16-30

Report Back from Breakout Sessions

16-30 to 16-45

Summary and Closing Remarks - Richard Heseltine, Director of Academic Services and Librarian, University of Hull

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