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JISC IE architectural components The JISC IE Service Description Service will provide detailed technical information in machine-readable form about JISC IE services. The primary intention of the service is to allow portals, brokers and aggregators to automatically determine how they should interact with content providers and other brokers and aggregators. The level of detail provided in the service descriptions will be protocol specific and must be detailed enough to allow direct interaction between services.

Service descriptions will be closely related to the JISC IE collection descriptions held in the collection description service.

To inform the development of the JISC IE service description service, UKOLN have commissioned a short study to investigate the issues below. The study will be coordinated by UKOLN on behalf of the JISC Development Programme Team.

Scope of study

The study should cover the following areas:


It is anticipated that the study will be completed by the end of November 2001, in accordance with the JISC IE architecture development plan.