JISC Information Environment Architecture



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The DNER architecture study was carried out by UKOLN at the request of JISC.

The study built on modelling and architectural work carried out during the MODELS initiative. In particular, the authors would like to acknowledge Lorcan Dempsey, Robin Murray and (more recently) Tracy Gardner for their earlier work developing the MODELS Information Architecture.


The work was carried out using a consultative process that included individual and group face-to-face meetings and email discussion.

The consultative group included representatives of JISC services (EDINA, MIMAS, BIDS, the Data Archive, the UK Mirror Service, the RDN, AHDS, BUFVC/MAAS, CETIS, TASI, UKOLN, UK Web Focus, UK Interoperability Focus, NISS, JISC Assist, VTAS and DISinHE), JISC committees (JCEI, JCAS, JCIEL, JCALT, JCN and JISC), other experts and interested parties (Keith Jeffery (RAL), Kevin Riley (IMS Europe), LTSN, British Library, Resource, DfEE, BECTA, NGfL, ILT and the JISC/JCIEL Technology and Standards Watch programme) and the DNER Programme Team.

The authors would also like to thank all those who commented on previous versions of this document and who took part in the consultation process.