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Content packaging and MPEG-21 DID
Andy Powell - July 2005
JISC All Projects Meting, Cambridge
PPT: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/content-packaging-2005/>
Resource Discovery Landscape
Andy Powell - May 2005
Joint JIIE/JCS Meeting, London
PPT: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/jiie-jcs-2005/>
IESR, the JISC IE and beyond
Andy Powell - January 2005
Using the IESR: what's in it for you?, London
PPT: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/iesr-environment/>
The JISC IE: shared, global or common services?
Andy Powell - October 2004
JISC Common Services Integration Meeting, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/jisc-frameworks-2004-10/>
JISC Architecture(s)
Andy Powell - September 2004
JISC/DEF Meeting, Bristol
Metasearching - an overview
Andy Powell - July 2004
BCS Metasearch Day, Oxford
Web Services and the JISC IE
Andy Powell - July 2004
JISC All Programmes Meeting, Brighton
Digital Library and MLE integration - where are we now and where do we want to be?
Andy Powell - April 2004
MetaSearching - a technical overview
Andy Powell - March 2004
JSTOR Seminar, London
Open for Business - Open Archives, OpenURL, RSS and the Dublin Core
Andy Powell - March 2004
Tutorial at UKSG, 2004, Manchester
An overview of the OpenURL
Andy Powell - September 2003
UKOLN/JIBS OpenURL Meeting, London
The JISC Information Environment (and the Bath Profile)
Andy Powell - July 2003
Bath Profile Four Years On: what.s being done in the UK?, Bath
A service registry for the JISC Information Environment
Andy Powell - June 2003
JISC IE Service Registry Stakeholder's Meeting
The JISC Information Environment and Collection description
Andy Powell - May 2003
UN/WHO HIV/AIDS meeting, Geneva
Machine interfaces to shared services
Andy Powell - May 2003
JISC Portals and Shared Services Programme Meeting
JISC IE Architecture - external trends and their potential impact
Andy Powell - April 2003
JISC Development Day, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/tech-trends-2003/>
IMS Digital Repositories Interoperability
Andy Powell - December 2002
CETIS Metadata and Digital Repository Interoperability SIG, Milton Keynes
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/cetis-mdrsig-2002-12/>
The JISC IE - where next?
Andy Powell - November 2002
Presentation to EDINA staff, Edinburgh
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/edina-2002-11/>
The JISC Information Environment and VLEs
Andy Powell - October 2002
JISC All-projects Meeting, Nottingham
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/jisc-allprojects-2002-10/>
The JISC Information Environment and eLearning
Andy Powell - September 2002
IMS Digital Repositories Meeting, Sheffield
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/ims-drwg-2002-09/>
Key issues in access to electronic resources
Andy Powell - September 2002
JISC/SURF/Internet 2 workshop, Oxford
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/jisc-surf-i2/>
Technical overview of the JISC Information Environment
Andy Powell - September 2002
Presentation to staff at IoPP, Bristol
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/iopp-2002/>
Shaping the e-Future? Grids, Web Services and Digital Libraries
Liz Lyon - June 2002
(Joint presentation with Prof Tony Hey, Directory UK e-Science Programme)
4th International JISC/CNI Conference, Edinburgh
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/jisc-cni-2002/>
Technical overview of the JISC Information Environment
Andy Powell - June 2002
JISC/NSF Digital Libraries Initiative (DLI) All Projects Meeting, Edinburgh
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dli-all-projects/>
10 minute practical guide to the JISC Information Environment.(for publishers!)
Andy Powell - June 2002
PALS conference: Delivering Content to Universities and Colleges
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/pals-2002-06/>
From Provider to Portal - a chain of interoperability
Andy Powell - April 2002
NetLab and Friends Conference, University of Lund, Sweden
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/netlab-conf>
Building Blocks and Information Architectures... to support Learning, Teaching and Research
Liz Lyon - April 2002
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/sconul2002/>
Developing Information Architectures... to support Research, Learning and Teaching
Liz Lyon - March 2002
UCISA Conference
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dev-inf-arch/>
The DNER and Publishers
Christine Baldwin - January 2002
A presentation to the PALS working group
PPT: <http://www.alpsp.org/dner310102.ppt>
The DNER - a national digital library
Andy Powell - October 2001
ZIG Meeting, York
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-zig/>
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell - 20 September 2001
JISC Journals Working Group, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-jwg/>
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell - 2 July 2001
Colloquium on Emerging Information Architectures, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-ceia/>
Accessing a national digital library: an architecture for the UK DNER
Andy Powell - 7 June 2001
ELAG 2001, Prague
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-elag/>
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell - May 2001
IMS Digital Repositories Working Group meeting, Lund, Sweden
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell - 4 May 2001
MLE Steering Group, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-mlesg/>
The DNER: Aims and Architecture
Andy Powell - 6 March 2001
JOIN-UP Seminar on Linking Technologies, Edinburgh
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-joinup/>
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell - 5 March 2001
Web of Science Enhancement Committee, Centre Point, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-wos/>
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell, Liz Lyon - 16 February 2001
DNER Architecture Study Consultation Meeting, Charity Centre, London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-pres/>
DNER Architecture
Andy Powell - January 2001
DNER Interfaces Meeting, BUFVC
DNER Architectural Issues
Andy Powell - November 2000
DNER Programme Team staff meeting, King's College London
HTML: <http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/distributed-systems/jisc-ie/arch/presentations/dner-arch-dnerteam/>