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Barriers To Effective Use Of Web 2.0

A summary of the three discussion groups on barriers to effective use of Web 2.0 is given below.

Group 1:

  • Different barriers for large & small orgs.
  • Large orgs may have people but bureaucracy
  • Small orgs may have lack of resources
  • Big issue is time
  • e.g. need to regularly check a Wikipedia entry
  • Legal issues e.g. copyright
  • EThical issues e.g. privacy
  • Dangers of alienating groups e.g. people with no access to technology
  • Knowing where to start and what to use; getting to grips with the tools.

Group 2:

  • Speed of change
  • Local authority issues
  • Accuracy of information - e.g. Wikipedia
  • Child protection
  • Dealing with criticisms

Group 3:

  • Academic differences -
  • "Boss says no"
  • Disenfranchising people who aren't online
  • Does it divert effort/... from physical visits
  • Are people still getting a 'worthwhile' interaction
  • Sustainability issues
  • Lack of control over external sites
  • Does it dilute your image