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Section 3:


CLDs in practice: Introduction

The Pitman Collection - Prose

The Pitman Collection Description

The National Library for the Blind

The National Fairground Archive

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Some examples of collection level descriptions and schemas

Pitman collection

See prose descriptions [Pitman Prose] of a collection and how data fits into a collection level description [Pitman Collection Level Description]

National Library for the Blind

See a set of collection level descriptions [National Library for the Blind] showing parent/child relationships of collection and sub-collections and catalogue.

National Fairground Archive

A single collection level description using the RSLP schema

RSLP schema

The schema created for RSLP project collection level descriptions.

Reveal schema

Word version | PDF version

The schema for the Reveal Collections Register, which holds details of collections of materials for visually impaired people in accessible formats. The schema is based on the RSLP schema with some elements renamed and some additional elements.

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